[1.7.10 - Addon] Useful-Crops - IC2 Crops will rise again!

  • Hmmm Well you require a PositionTileEntity anyways... So thats a thing..

    Also estebes you have access to the crop. the OnTick function provides it. Same for others...

  • But is it really worth it though? right now it only injects energy into energy sinks but imagine i added the crop to the e-net. You would see cables connected to crops and what not. I still have no idea how to balance the crop. For now it just works like a 1eu/13seconds solar panel but nothing more. I will look into good solutions when im exactly sure of how i want it to work.

  • I did never think of it is worth doing that. You simply said it is impossible and i gave you a way to do that.
    Just a suggestion to that crop. Do not bind it to the top. Just any side it is connecting too. So that you can make 5 crops charge 1 Battbox...
    (for loop with direction. and if he injected electricty then he stops)

  • it was binded to the top just for testing purposes. I was only testing if the energy injecting actually worked. The crop is just s imple concept as of now. It is a cool idea though so i will work on it soon