Some machine addons.

  • It would be awesome to get some machine upgrades so we can use machines more easely for our power comsuptions. it would be awesome to have an upgrade that increases the EU generation for machines such as for a semifluid generator to make, let's say, 500EU/t, but to use a bunch more fuel to add to it. there should be of course(together or seperated?) a loss of energy. And another one is that eu generative machines output EU much faster, but ofcourse again a loss of energy. So? :Geothermal Generator:

  • I'm against the loss of energy (you could aswell just say what it actually makes in the first place) on the machines, but I have been thinking about a new generator to use with biogas instead of the semifluid, I was thinking a multiblock diesel-engine-like generator that could make EU directly or KU and require conversion from KU to EU. Also I noticed a geothermal generator in your post, considering you like getting lots of power with relatively low maintenance cost and not-so-huge initial investment cost (what it takes to make the stuff needed) I reccomend making a lava-fueled superheated steam plant (if you need ideas just search the forums or PM me).

  • You can use BioGas in an advanced Generators ( multiblock Gas Turbine. I habe one, that produces around 200 EU/t (running on two very fast fermenters).

    Even though it's a Gas Turbine not an engine as I mentioned, it seems interesting. It's quite nice since it makes a lot more EU. A normal semifluid generator makes 32000 EU with 1000 mB so 32 EU/mB, while the gas turbines makes 128 RF/mB, and 1 RF = 8 EU so 1024 EU/mB, so 1024000 EU per 1000 mB, which is a lot....

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    1 RF = 8 EU

    Uh, no. The standard rate is 4 RF = 1 EU

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  • Uh, no. The standard rate is 4 RF = 1 EU

    I heard that too, but the only RF-using machine I got is a flood light which took 800 EU from a batbox and had 6400 RF in storage afterwards, starting from 0, so it may be something in my config or perhaps this is only for the floodlights, but atm, according to my tests it's 8 in my worlds.