[IC2 Exp][1.7.10] Wireless Electricity

  • This is a simple addon allows for wireless transfer of EU (also compatible with RF).

    • In order to use the mod, you must place an Electromagnetic Field Stabilizer (EMFS). This block is required for all wireless networks.
    • Using a Frequency Loader on an EMFS will cause it to store the EMFS's frequency.

    • Once you have set up an EMFS, you can start using Wireless Receivers and Transmitters. These can transfer up to 16k EU/t per node (with default configs) and must be placed within 32 blocks of the EMFS.
    • The frequency of transmitters/receivers can be set using a frequency loader that is bound to an EMFS.
    • If the EMFS or any of the nodes are not loaded, they will not function.
    • There is no power loss.
    • There is no limit to how many transmitters/receivers you can have and no limit on the amount of power that can flow through a network.
    • This addon is fully compatible with RF and Speiger's IC2 Classic.
    • Receivers output T1 voltage, and in IC2 Classic (with default configs) they can output up to 512 packets each carrying no more than 32 EU/t (16k EU/t max).

    Wireless Transmitter

    Wireless Receiver


  • Thanks!
    The receiver emits tier 1 voltage.
    I suppose the major difference between our addons is that mine has textures and uses a renderer specialized for the transmitters/receivers. (I'm assuming there haven't been any updates to your addon since
    Additionally, (I know this is a small difference) my addon supports RF.

  • Cool addon and thanks for Supporting Classic^^"
    Just a question. Do you think your Emitters should have more then 1 EnergyPacket?
    (Classic has a API for EnergyPackets)

  • Thank you!
    I'll be sure to implement multiple packets in the next update.
    And nice job on IC2 Classic, it is very awesome :thumbsup:

    EDIT: This addon now supports multiple packets.

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  • EDIT: This addon now supports multiple packets.

    well it this function is in a for loops so no it will do that not...
    Do not calculate the amount of the Packets in the function... It has to be a static number.
    The code i made has a backup for that:
    If the energy that it can emit <= 0 then it will automaticly stop the packetloop. So you can return 512 instead of calculate it. When you emit no energy then it will stop it..
    (IC2 Classic code. Not IC2 code. So nothing against rules)
    Edit: removed just to be on the save side.

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  • Ok, thanks! That's quite convenient.

  • Just a litlte request. Could you decrease the Max Packet output to 32 instead of 512?
    Having 512 So small packets is equal to having 512 Generators placed and sending eneger.
    What could be maybe also a good feature is that you can set the Output of these block to a differend type (32, 128, 512, 2048).