Avoid snow in snow biomes! (Handy for Solar Power)

  • If you're in a pretty large snow biome, and/or cant be assed to move houses, this is the solution for you..

    I found out, from the roof of my house, that snow will NOT buildup on glass.

    That's my roof.

    Now, if we just simply cover our solar panels so that there is glass right above it, like so,

    Glass will stop the snow, and you'll have snow resistant solar power!

    I have found this VERY annoying in my current world, so I found this out, and did it, it works FLAWLESSLY!

    Notch has made it so snow doesn't appear on glass blocks (I think all transparent/half blocks aswell) and glass doesn't interfere with solar energy, so...

    Hope this helped, I really needed this myself and thought I could share it.

  • Or...
    You could just place a torch near it??
    sounds a lot more easier to me.. MinecraftGhast

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  • For a lot of solar configurations, using torches would require removing solar panels where the torch goes. This is particularly the case with flower configurations.

    One nice thing about the glass is if you leave one or more blocks empty between the glass and the top of the solar panels, you can let light into your house as well.

    IMO they're both good solutions. You can choose depending on your situation and how you want it to look.