[Patch][1.7.10] Advanced Solar Panels + GraviSuite Fixer

  • I will be using this mod in my modpack "teamGF Official Modpack".
    Thank you so much for your contribution to the modding community.
    Have a good day!,
    [teamGF] Sannity

  • Hi Chocohead ,
    I'm making a minecraft 1.7.10 mdopack called HCUP(High-Complexity Universal Pack), which I want to release on Curse (Not yet)
    I want to ask for your permission to inculde your cool mods(Advanced Solar Panels + GraviSuite Fixer and Binnie Pacther) in my modpack.
    Thank you :)

  • Thanks for this great mod. After installing it a had a problem: Gravi Chestplate was uncraftable on server, but craftable in single player. Soon I realized, that i disabled this craft in GraviSuite.cfg on server and forgot to enable it again xD

    So patcher works perfect, don't forget to enable crafts in config file =)

  • Howdy Chocohead, just wanted to let you know ill be using your mod my InfiTech 2u: Fear the Night pack made with permission from the InfiTech 2 team. Thanks for your hard work!

  • Advanced Electric Jetpack requires Electric Jetpack with Metadata of 0 and Advanced Lappack with Metadata of 0. Both are unobtainable since full charge is 1 and no charge is 26. Please fix this recipe in your mod. The recipe does not work in vanilla Crafting Table nor in Crafting Terminal from AE2.

    I am using GT5U.

    Advanced NanoChestPlate requires NanoSuit Bodyarmor with no Metadata, which is also unobtainable.

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