[1.7.10]MiniTech: Small IC2, BiomesOPlenty and ComputerCraft server looking for players.|Whitelist|ForgeEssentials|SMP|PvE|


    A small whitelisted server. Running ForgeEssentials. Surviving in the wilderness.

    We are looking for dedicated players who love Industrialcraft but don't want to play on a server that has a billion and one mods.

    Apply directly in this thread, or over PM, or in game using /pm twodollars.
    You can join the server if you're not whitelisted, but you will be in a Bedrock box with instructions to apply. You will not get build rights until I get a message from you or talk directly with you

    Include in Application:
    Minecraft username
    Are you okay with playing with only these mods?
    Are you okay with a small player base?

    You need these following mods:

    • Forge 1.7.10- for 1.7.10
    • BiomesOPlenty 1.7.10- for 1.7.10
    • ComputerCraft 1.75 for 1.7.10
    • industrialcraft-2-2.2.810-experimental for 1.7.10


    • Build to your hearts content, but don't alter others builds
    • Don't build on the spawn platform
    • I will not give out OP willy-nilly
    • Be mature.
    • Don't steal.
    • Intentionally malicious infinite looping ComputerCraft programs will be sought out and destroyed
    • No Nukes. Disabled anyway
    • Nuclear Meltdown as griefing= instaban
    • Do not destroy the landscape for shits and giggles. This includes going crazy with a Mining Laser and/or Plasma Launcher

    Other Info:

    Server is running ForgeEssentials which includes

    • Server Backups
    • Rollback
    • Block History
    • Gravestones
    • /home set, /home, /tpa and /back commands and more



  • Sorry I dont know if my message properly sent so.
    I am 16 years old. my username is Clay_Mor3z. I am ok with small bases and the mods installed. i really would love to join your server and i would try to get my friends on this server. i can properly get in but am trapped in a glass and bedrock box. please whitelist me. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :Industrial Diamond: :Diamond Drill:

  • wolf575
    Age 14
    I was specifically looking for a server without too many mods, so these mods are perfect.
    I do not mind a small player base.

  • favoredfiddle4, I see you trying to join with the wrong version of IC2. If you see this, PM me and ill send you a link to a modpack for the server

  • Minecraft username SUPERGAMER59
    Age 15
    Are you okay with playing with only these mods? these are fine i mean some other mods i thought would be cool are like ars magica or somthing idk
    Are you okay with a small player base? ya

  • I have been toying with the idea of finding a mainly ic2 server for a while. As playing with others can be fun, but ic2 can be a bit of a niche mod.

    Love the mod selection (haven't used bop or cc, but from what I can tell they should mesh quite nicely with ic2)
    I don't think that should be a problem although 'small' is a bit ambiguous. I'm not planning on rebuilding Hogwarts or anything if that's what you mean

    "It's like a war dog, only instead of a dog, it's a grizzly bear."

  • Minecraft Username: Coolguyz03
    Age: 12
    Am I okay with playing with only these mods?: Yes! I am very happy with the mod selections, I've been looking for an IndustrialCraft 2 server with not many mods on it.
    Am I okay with a small player base?: Yeah, I don't mind small or big player bases.

  • Minecraft username:tom893305404


    Are you okay with playing with only these mods? yes

    Are you okay with a small player base? yes

    Without so many mods is batter :)

  • Application



    Yes, I enjoy the prospect of using the mods listed above.

    Yes. I enjoy smaller communities that create a family like feel.


  • Hi.
    My nickname: radioegor146
    Age: 14
    Troubles with modes: No, I haven't any.
    Small communites: Yes, I'd like to play with somebody.
    I'm from Belarus, so I can't play with English speak (for example: Skype) (English is not my main language (I can speak Russian)), but I can speak English freely in chat. I'd like to play on such server very much.
    Regards, Egor.

  • Hello my name is pockethot1
    I'm 13 years old
    I'm am perfectly fine with the mods
    And love small community

    i have been looking for a small moded server for a while and
    this server seems perfect.

  • Minecraft username: Frogboxe

    Age: 16
    Are you okay with playing with only these mods? Sure
    Are you okay with a small player base? Yup

    Got to ask though, is this server still active? With people going on?

  • Hey, I would also like to join the server (if it is still active).

    Name is the same as in this forum

    Age: 21
    I dont mind the size of the playerbase, although it seems like it is not small anymore :)

    Please send me a link for the modpack.


  • Hi. I am wondering if this server is still up? If so, I'd like to join. Here is my application:

    Minecraft username: mooncat39

    Age: 2 months till I'm 15

    Are you okay with playing with only these mods?
    Yes, I was trying to find an industrialcraft-only/mostly industrialcraft server. This is good

    Are you okay with a small player base?
    Sounds fun! I used to own one on a vanilla server a while back. It only had about 5 players though.

    Extra info: I understand that if I do not follow the rules I will be banned. I have no intention of doing anything malicious.

  • It seems the server is down.

    If its still up i would like to try it.

    age: 23
    username: Koyarno
    I'm okay with the small playerbase.
    Personally, i dont like gregtech but i do love CC and BoP (and the drawers mod sadly) alongside IC2. So good fit.