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  • So I added a page for superheated steam on the wiki and linked the main recipe page, but most of the other pages still show it in red with the "(page does not exist)" message. Clicking these links does bring up the new page, but is there a more universal fix than doing an empty edit of pages with the ref? Also nav-box has same wrong message, but also works.

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  • Also "Pressure Vessel Reactor" (not to be confused with the Reactor Pressure Vessel) I gave it a redirect to a page already done on the new reactor by soniccreeper7. Same issue.

    "It's like a war dog, only instead of a dog, it's a grizzly bear."

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    The fact it still looks red but is a working link is because the pages are cached so make the wiki run quicker and reduce server load. It will update, but I don't remember what imer set the refresh rate to.

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