HELP: Increasing the raw EU output of a generator

  • Hello, I need some help (I did look in the forums and couldnt find anything about it, which is weird) I need a way to increase the EU output of a generator... for example:
    In my server the Semifuel generator is set to produce x5.0 EU from the IC2.ini file, but the max output of the generator is 32 EU/t and the buffer fills to the max, and then the generator starts to turn on and off all for a split second to generate a bit more EU. So... my question is: Can I increase the 32 EU/t of the semifuel generator so the buffer isnt always full (and to get more energy, faster :EC Meter: )

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    No, the tier of the generator will always limit the amount it can output, no matter how much the config makes it generate.

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  • As Chocohead mentioned it's not possible, however, I do have something that may help you produce more power using an alternative to the semifluid generator, that also uses biogas, namely, a steam setup based on biogas. If you're willing to cheat a bit and increase the heat output of biogas to 2.0 you can even make a superheated steam setup, only problem is, it will also require a radioisotope heat generator to top off the heat up to 100 or 200 respectively, since the biogas will yield either 32 or 64 respectively, per fluid heat generator. If you want details or to see it, feel free to PM me, it's not hard to set up, but I suppose it's easier to see it first rather than to start from scratch.