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    Hello! I tried your mod in Ampz pack, and It looks fancy. I think, I'll use it in some environment that consists of BC-powered machines or IC2-powered machines.

    However, there are one thing that bugs me... Positive electrolyze water-> burn hydrogen energy loop. It can't be positive at all.

    Also, it seems like your UE -> EU/Mj conversion ratios a bit... overpowered. Do you plan to fix that?

    TE Has non-Default recipies? :O
    Also, the SC Carts do alot but also need either constant maintaining or some crazy complicated machine to full automate it.

    It seems like it does have non-default recipes ^^
    And SC treefarm doesn't need complicated machine to automate. Just a powered furnace to cook some coal, cargo manager, and a bunch of pipes.

    IIRC, non-forestry sapling will produce lesser biomass at later version of forestry.. so SC is fine at future version, and for the log can you manipulate the tree gene to get 3x3x3 oak trees with forestry?

    They might produce lesser biomass, but they do produce enough logs to run a pair of big boilers of planks

    And a question: I'm using GT with all the FTB Ultimate modpack with default config. It seems, that TE makes some of the machines not very useful (for instance, macerator with expensive recipe and industrial sawmill). Is using the pulverizer/sawmill counts as "bad"?
    Or using Steve Carts' treefarm?

    Also, a funny thing: The "similar threads" list in this thread shows a lot of "lightningrod threads" :3

    Hi, Greg!

    I have to say, that at first I thoght that it is just a "NERF EVERYTHING"-mod, but when I looked at it closer, I noticed that it is much more interesting. I LOVE the feel and look of those casing devices and other stuff, and I like the concept of "constant-energy" machines.

    BTW, I found out that it is possible to share casings between different machines. And, I guess even share parts of casings between differen TYPES of machines. Is it intended?

    Excuse me. I missed that moment when automation was considered to be "bad".
    I mean, come on! This is INDUSTRIAL craft, and what kind of industry it is supposed to be without automation? ManufacturingCraft?
    Anyways, idea is not that bad, but possible implementation may be horrible. And I just confused about that "Herpderp, automation is bad!!! Kill it with fire!!!"

    Well, I really don't like magic blocks. The point I have is that they often perform their task better than RP2-contraption with the same purpose, But it is... well, sometimes it is not fun. I like to make contraptions, and observe them while they are working. It is a nice feeling ^_~
    Speaking about RP2 contraptions, this is an RP2 treefarm. Controlled by a single computer, and can be extended up to 16 trees without any changes of the code:

    The issue with RedPower is that if you can do something with it - there is a mod with something that can do it better or in more simple way - with a magic block. Well... some frame machines are exceptions for now.
    Treefarm/other farms? Forestry can do it with a magic block - no need to make a control circuit of computer.
    Quarry? Well... WayOfTime made a nice frame quarry, Direwolf made a frame quarry too. The are different, but each of them is awesome, but... Well, BuildCraft quarry and miner are far more simple than these frame machines. And with WayOfTime-style quarry you have to use any mod with big chests or enderchests, since there are only a small room for a chest.
    Sorting/autocrafting? Logistic pipes... I don't use them (and buildcraft/forestry too), but... well, they are simple, compact and very handy with that "requests" system and other stuff.
    Computers. Well, how often did you hear something like "I can't understand FORTH, I'll use computercraft and Lua". RP computer is awesome, but not very "user-friendly".

    I really like RP, and I don't use BC, Forestry, computercraft and Logistics pipes, but I think it is an issue - you can't build with RP Blocks something better(or, at least, more simple), than one can code and make a mod.

    I'm not sure, if I should ask you or Eloraam, but here is the point: In SSP Personal Safes are just compact chests, which you can put next to each other. It would be very useful to be able to move them with frames - for example, capacity of my frame quarry would increase by five times!

    Hello, Greg! This is the awesome tutorial!
    I just want to ask: why did you put three relays and filters for your furnaces and macerators in the second version of your factory design? I mean, can't one filter + relay setup provide all the items for all three macerators or furnaces?