Suggestion:Change Fuel

  • Making Bio Fuel is useless you need OVER 9000 EU for producing ONE can. And you use matereal worth 12k-36k EU.
    But in the end the fuel is only 16EU worth.

    I Suggest to:

    • Change the way Fuel is canned
    • Change Plantball recipes

    1.Change how Fuel is canned

    Give the Fuelcells an amount of EU
    8000 for coalfuelcells
    4000 for biofuelcells

    And add gunpowderfuecells (2000 EU) I never had a use for Gunpowder.

    Make the canner only produce one kind of fuel the a normal 48k EU fuel.(this could fix the rare "Fuel sometimes not burnable bug")
    Use the empty can in the upper slot and the Fuel cells in the other slot(exactly the opposite of what it is now)

    Now you need to feed the canner Fuelcells worth 48k EU to get one Can of fuel.

    2.Changing the Plantball recipes

    P = Reed or cacti(perhaps also leaves)

    [P][P][P] = Plantball

    Set the amount of EU generated by burning saplings to 250 EU and change the recipe for plantballs made from saplings to this:

    [P][P][P] = 2x Plantball

    This would change the production cost of biofuelcells to 2500-3000EU

    Thanks for reading this long Suggestion

  • I agree with the need to change the mechanics and with the "feeding the canning machine fuelcells"
    but not with changing the plantballs recipe

  • There are ways to get more out of fuel cells, it is possible to squeeze over 7.5k EU worth out of a single biofuel cell and that's after deducting the cost to make it.

    It is possbile for make one biofuel can burn for almost 18k EU yet only cost under 6k EU to make.

    Go forth and experiment, For science!

  • 1.This was said before the release of the first IC2 version because the fuel system was changed and all suggestions ,of course refered to the IC1 Fuel system
    2.The changes from IC to IC2 made Bio Fuel useless because the team forgot the massive 9k EU production costs of 1 Can

  • I'm assuming the recipes for fuel on the wiki have been updated for IC2 by now:
    It would make a lot more sense if you made the Biofuel first and then put it into the cell, rather than extracting it from the cell to make it into fuel. :|

    Also, the entire point of Biofuel is that it shouldn't use up finite resources. Otherwise you might as well just use regular fuel. The Tin for the cells screws the entire concept up. If we were able to make liquid Biofuel first that could fill the reusable Fuel Cans or run through pipes for players with Buildcraft, then we'd be back on what Biofuel is all about. Then, allow Biofuel to optionally be put into a cell for an EU increase.