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  • I've been looking over the wiki and editing it a little at work, mostly the nuclear power content but a few other things as well, and had a few thoughts.

    There's a lot of old and outdated information on the wiki that no longer applies to the current version. Some of it can be useful, but some of it is just plain confusing for someone who's trying to figure out a process and looking at items that either don't work the same way or don't even exist at all. Most of the time this is marked, but sometimes it isn't. There's also a lot of pages with content that isn't up to date with the current version - and even though it may be 'experimental' in name, there are still a lot of people using it, I think, especially if they're trying to transition to 1.9/1.10 and beyond.

    So I'm interested in hearing from the people who actually frequent this forum since before I got here - is it more important to preserve a lot of the old content? Are there that many players who still use this site specifically for older versions of IC2? Or would it be a better idea to look at trimming some of the old stuff, streamlining and updating, so that this place isn't so far behind? Is there another site that is better for IC2-exp? I do see a lot of external links to CraftingGuide - not sure if that's something we want to make a standard.

    I'd love to go through and edit a lot of pages, make some shiny new ones - sometimes I have the time and motivation to do that at work - but there's an entire community here that I'm just getting into, and I'm just one person without the right to say 'hey I think it should be this way so I'm gonna make it that way'.

    Love to hear your thoughts on this. I can't post in the forum while I'm at work, but I can still read it.

  • First of all, thanks for taking an interest in the wiki. It's been in limbo for quite a while as people intended to get around to updating it but never got around to it.

    In terms of content you're not wrong, a lot is quite old, some parts more than others especially. Realistically I'd expect people would rather have experimental content on the wiki rather than the older content, most of it is duplicated somewhere else already. The best solution either way is probably to keep the old information with a note before it that it's about pre-experimental IC2, and then have the up to date information before that. The old content is often useful writing new stuff anyway as a decent portion will still apply. As for the CraftingGuide links, they were just an idea but probably aren't particularly useful for what people want, especially as the site is slow to update recipes as it is (which totally defeats the purpose). With the fact pretty much everyone has JEI now, information about what things do is more of a priority than how you make it (unless how you make it isn't shown by JEI that is).

    To be honest, I'd rather you went nuts and edit a lot of pages because based off the past they'll lie unchanged for months on end being outdated, and anything that needs tweaking can be done afterwards. If you found a style you liked and applied it to a few pages to give people a feel that's probably the best way to know if you're going down the right track (or help point you towards it if not). You can either message me on the forums or my talk page on the wiki if you need something doing that needs special permissions (like modifying the navbox for example).

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