[1.10.2] EnergyNet spam, massive performance drain

  • Hello!
    I'm part of a community setting up our first 1.10 servers right now.
    Setting up the newly released DW 1.10 pack, we've encountered the same bug that is currently tracked here: http://bt.industrial-craft.net/view.php?id=2021
    (IC2 EnergyNet spams console with "No Tile found for [delegate-instance] at [blockpos]")
    However, as this happens, we see something that isn't mentioned in the tracker: TPS rapidly falls from near 20 to as low as 0.5.
    We are also using a console wrapper, which terminates the server and restarts it, because it cannot get a response from the server due to said TPS drop.

    As such, I'd like to try and get this issue moved from "minor" to "major", even if the "crash" is caused by a 3rd party. Though getting the TPS that low to begin with, is quite the negative feat.

    On a tangent to this, we have also seen quite a bit of the wires-no-longer-connect issue as well; Tracked here: http://bt.industrial-craft.net/view.php?id=2037 and here http://bt.industrial-craft.net/view.php?id=2027
    In fact, on every occurance of the flood-spam, we've tried teleporting to the position in the log, and we have found non-connected wires, or even missing wires all-together. As such, it would not be too much of a stretch to say that the EnergyNet spam is a sub-issue caused by the cable-issues.

    Please reply wether or not my assumptions are correct, or if I'm completely mistaken, and if we'll have a fix for this in the near future or not :)

  • IC2 2.6.108 added caps for the number of warnings the enet gives in an amount of time, so that should massively reduce the number of errors sent to the console. The actual issue could theoretically be fixed our side by manually posting unload events to broken tiles, but finding what the tile should've been instead of null could be quite hard and slow.

    The wires being naughty bug is completely separate, the only reason you're likely to see it is teleporting around seems to not always load things properly, similarly to how the bug reports mention coming back from the nether sometimes doing it. It's one of a few hard to chase down bugs that are stuck on the todo list.

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  • The tps drop is most likely a different issue. Could you please install sampler (found in the fastcraft thread) on your server and type "/sampler trigger ticktime 500" and post the given nps file?