• Funny story:

    I use Buildcraft and Indistrialcraft together. I noticed that geothermal generators are relatively cheap, and magma is absolutely abundant in the nether. I used the pumps from Buildcraft, along with teleport pipes, to send enormous amounts of magma/energy from the nether into the overworld.

    Fast forward at least a year, I just started playing DOOM for the first time. What I was doing is basically the plot for DOOM.

    I'm starting to think this mod can take advantage of that funny coincidence, perhaps some surprises come our way if some conditions are met that show we are farming the nether for its energy resources. MinecraftZombieman

  • Ha, i have never thought about it, but yeah it's exactly the same :D

    I loved those inspiring quotes:

    Weaponizing demons, for a brighter tomorrow.
    The road to Hell is paved - with Argent energy.
    Opening the gates of Hell with the key to the future.

    A cyberdeamon would fit nicely into the spirit of this mod :D


    ...its not like i have an idea on how Alblaka mind works...

    It has tiny stupid what below?... A RATING SYSTEM! here goes my face :Advanced Furnace: cmon it is even transparent you can't be serious.