Help: Obtain uu-liquid

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm trying to make the quantum armor but I have trouble getting the uu-liquid to replicate the iridium.

    After putting scrap in the recycler and having put this in the mass fabricator I only got 1mb of uu-liquid but I need 120mb to replicate the iridium. I have repeated the process several times but I only have 13mb and I need a lot of iridium for the full armor, that is, many times 120mb ;(.

    What I'm trying to say with this is that it seems to me an overly slow process so I guess I'm not understanding something, Is there any way to get uu-liquid faster? Any trick or tip?

    PS: I'm playing IC2 without any other mod ;).

    Regards :)

  • The way I do it is use several recyclers and quarries(quarries are added by Buildcraft), but since you said that you have no other mods then it will be tricky. There is no easy answer to Iridium. If you don't want to install other mods, then you need to start recycling. Everything. A good way to get material for the recycler is to make an open pit mine. Another is to go to the Nether, let the Ghasts blow up the terrain, and just pick up the Netherrack later. And yes, this process is meant to be slow. It's very frustrating.

  • Well...without using other mods there does not seem to be a simple solution :/.

    I have been seeing on the wiki that there is a machine for crops, I suppose this machine will produce an excess of seeds and wheat if I use it but I have to look at all this more carefully.

    If I combine automatic farming with an automatic skeleton farm and a manual cobblestone generator next to it, I think I can produce enough items for recyclers, even if the process is manual ;).

    As for energy, I suppose I will have to use a reactor that produces energy at a sufficient rate for quite some time.

    This is what I have come up with without using other mods, I will comment if it works, maybe it will serve another person :thumbup:.

    Regards :)

  • You can supply your recyclers with cobblestone generators and feed them infinite cobblestone. If you want to, I can post a screenshot of my uu setup with cobblestone generators from our test server. That's also a IC2-only setup.

  • I would not have thought of it in a million years 8|:D.

    I was very curious to see how you broke the cobblestone without other mods because I was thinking for a while and I could not think of anything, very ingenious :thumbup:.

    Thank you very much, I'm going to create that system in my world right now.

    Regards :)