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  • ---Start Rage Post---

    Our team gets punished for red team supposedly planning wars on ndel's absence which was not true.
    We had ONE war that was at 6:30, which conflicted with Ndel's schedule, and was not meant to be so.
    Ndel was on for every other war, which were all at 8 o'clock.
    So Keebes23 gets taken off of our team just because you guys are sore losers and cried to the admin.
    I am not raging at Mensrea at all, he just does what he thinks best.
    But what I will not TOLERATE is blue being hypocritical.
    They complain about us scheduling wars on an absence of ONE individual.
    Now, Mkeness decides to plan TWO wars at such a time when MANY red team members will not be able to play.
    MANY red team members did not go to last night's war including me.
    Mkeness knew many red team members had school today, as it was SUNDAY.
    MOST people are not willing to let minecraft CONTROL their lives to the extent that they are not getting any sleep.
    Therefore, Mkeness knows red team's schedule in real life.
    Is there any difference from what we "supposedly" did to them from what they are doing to us now?
    Yes, they are doing it at a much greater extent while we "supposedly" did it to ONE person.
    Mkeness and the blue team reps that agreed to this war have undoubtedly broken the rules more than I did!
    I am not mad about about the war getting rolled back because of my dumb mistake with the safe building.
    That was my bad as I thought it was OK to make a Safe Passageway that had TWO openings.
    But, as I said before, I will not let the blue team members get by breaking the rules while they ACCUSE ME EVERY TIME OF THEM.

    ---End Rage Post---

    Btw I don't want to ruin our team by leaving, seeing as I did a shit ton of work always, so I will be coming back.
    I just had to think things over and my grades are kind of suffering because of minecraft. ALSO have finals soon...
    I just don't want to let down Tumuchfkingcreep and all the other reps that have been working so hard to defend the base.
    I won't be playing as often but I will be playing when I can.

    Peace my brothas.

  • Reply to Rage Post.

    First, I mainly just want blue's town back. You were this *shows with fingers* to our capitol, do you think I should let you have all our towns? Winning one when ndel wasn't on and such?

    Along with that, I haven't declared many wars and I think I should've earlier but I'll do it now. Along with that, I'm sure Mens can find some chat log about you guys saying that you were planning wars when Ndel and Awhite were busy. Yes, tumuch did say it, I checked my screenies but none. But chatlog shows all. :P

    Reply to Rage Post - End. Lol

  • It's time for another episode of Random Potentially-Currently-Irrelevant Public Service Announcements with Misticblade7!

    The Minecraft Ships and Boats Mod!

    I present the Minecraft Ships and Boats Mod. sirentropy plans to code SMP support when the server-side modding API arrives in MC v1.3. Long way off? Certainly. Relevant to our interests? In the future, quite possibly.

    Guys. We could see real, meaningful naval combat in Minecraft. It's pretty similar to the Zeppelin Mod in function, but less versatile, and has more realistic implementation. In 1.3, I could see us utilizing a mod like this, in conjunction with, say, Flan's Mod, to create aircraft carriers. :D

    A long way off, but something to think about and look forward to.

    P.S. - Any chance of us getting the Nuclear Control addon? I could see that helping to facilitate the construction of stronger reactors.

  • Starting 5/7/12 there will be a new war system as well as something entirely different: battlegrounds.

    The new war system will only effect how towns are captured. It works like this: instead of just hitting one block to capture the town you will recieve 10 points for tapping a sign at the control tower. Each team will have a particular sign to tap and doing so will generate a server-wide announcement.. "Red/Blue team has scored 10 points". The signs will have a cooldown period, 5 minutes as of now, in which no one will be able to use them to generate more points. After this cooldown period elapses you will once again be able to hit the sign to generate more points for your team. The first team to 50 points wins. If there is a tie after 1 hour has elapsed the war will be considered a stalemate.

    The battlefield system will initially be based out of the ruins of Detroit. The system will have 3 major features: the ability to capture the city for up to 6 hours, enabling only the victorious team to build or destroy blocks there (note that rockets and explosives can still be used to destroy things), the power to collect "taxes" every 20 minutes at a special station, and the convenience of being open 24/7. No advance declerations, no admin judges necessary, just a fully automated system for fighting for land and taxes. The benefits are obvious; you get money and land that only you can build on. The drawbacks are that enemies can still enter the land to hunt and kill you, and that you have to physically collect the taxes at an office that is exposed to danger. Even if you control the city, if you cant keep raiders from killing the collectors (and stealing their loot), the benefits are marginal. The whole system will also reset itself with server restarts.

    As of now I only have plans for a battleground in detroit. In the future (and as more towns are built) more battlefields could open up. Some ideas that have been thrown around involve mining towns, agricultural communities, power stations and fortresses. We will wait and see whether it is worth pursuing those based on the utility or popularity of the Detroit battleground.

    Also, even after destroying a large chunk of the city it still may lag a bit. Let me know if this lag is unbearable and I can raze some more of it. It was real nice having a city to fight in but practically speaking all those humongous buildings generate way too much lag. Would be nice if minecraft was 1/100 as stable as it is fun.

  • The Detroit battleground is now open. It works much as I described but I could not get a global cooldown so I set it to a team cooldown. The going tax rate is $5000 per MC day, a substantial amount now that gold block inflation has set in. Please report any problems to me at mensreamc@gmail.com.

    The cap point is at x 222 z -100. The tax office is at x 150 z -100.