G1R Warcraft: IC2, project red, guns, ICBM, gregtech & much more!

  • Where do i go to download?

    I don't think anyone has a complete download yet, the OP of this thread has the links to all the mods (although the last one is broken).

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    Hey don't take it so hard. Ignorance is part of this generation it seems. -the wise words of XFmax-o-l

  • Will it be on the website when the "complete" one is up?

    Actually... It looks like it already is

    EDIT: Although it appears that the server is down

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    Hey don't take it so hard. Ignorance is part of this generation it seems. -the wise words of XFmax-o-l

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  • I added these:

    25 points: Purchase a protected chunk in New Terra for either your team or a specific rank on your team. Each week your team will have to pay an upkeep of 10 points to keep the chunk protected. If multiple chunks are connected it is considered a base and you only have to pay the upkeep for one chunk in the base. Your team can purchase up to 40 chunks in this way. If the chunks are located within 1000 blocks of a mine or Quantum Dam, the price to buy and the upkeep are doubled (50 buy 20 upkeep).

    10 points: Buy something that requires an enderpearl to make. You must also supply whatever raw materials are used in its construction. I am not doing this with ender chests but Gtech machines and redpower stuff is acceptable.

    They are also listed in the rules post one under the op.

  • Minecraft is a game of possibilities. Sadly, most possibilities lead to it crashing and bugging out. Flans mod is now throwing out fatal, server freezing errors due to bullets being lodged in unloaded chunks getting reloaded. I am gonna have to open the map in MCedit and delete the offending chunks. Luckily, the chunks are only in new terra. Might take a while though....

    EDIT:Back up now, though with modders who blatently disregard fatal errors and dont maintain open communication with their users, who knows for how long....

  • Well, thanks to some random peoples on an IRC forum I managed to fix the major red power "glitch". It also looks like the flans crash is almost worked out, though we may have to delete the outer chunks on homeworlds if people have problems. Not nearly as bad as deleting everything on New Terra. Now that the gun pack is straightened out we shouldn't have any more problems of those kind. Sorry to all the people that had to deal with things crashing constantly and me trying to fix them, and for those of you who did not get on my back about everything while I did this thank you.

    Too many times admins are held accountable for the mistakes of modders. Sometimes you have to accept that we have no control over the mods. If there are bugs, glitches, major problems or fatal errors we cannot just fix them magically. Most times all the fun stuff gets pushed to the back burner because major bugs and errors have to be resolved first. I hate to put the blame on others but in the case of our redpower problems I have no choice. Doing nothing is one thing, not even taking 5 minutes to tell someone to go screw themselves is another.

    Now if one more person asks me to get forestry....

  • I will be taking the server down shortly to trim the corrupted chunks on team planets, hopefully ending the flan errors forever now that the gun pack is cleaned up. I am going to use the opportunity to squeeze in an update. I will be adding Portal turrets and ICBM. Sadly, ICBM does not have IC2 recipes and I am not getting UE, so until I can add recipes in I will just be selling most things at spawn shop (around sunday). Until then there are still lots of really neat things you can build and the buffed turrets should keep you busy. I am also making the recipes for .50 HEIAP, AP rockets, and .50 bullets more expensive and making grenades for the nade launcher somewhat cheaper. The ATV's speed is once again being buffed, I want it to be a viable form of transport for people who dont have quantum because this main map is pretty big.

    EDIT: Everything went as planned and the new mods are now online and listed in OP.

  • I think I may have accidentally crashed the server, I'll PM you with details mens.

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    Hey don't take it so hard. Ignorance is part of this generation it seems. -the wise words of XFmax-o-l

  • Nope crafter we have not had a crash from flans or anything else since February tenth. Last night was a server overhaul by the host. Porbabaly just a coincidence.

    Wow, that was absolutely impeccable timing then.

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    Hey don't take it so hard. Ignorance is part of this generation it seems. -the wise words of XFmax-o-l

  • Wow, that was absolutely impeccable timing then.

    Yeah I know. I didnt even know we had any server problems until this morning. I passed out last night very early. Good thing laser was around to restart it. I also put a system in place to prevent those flans crashes from happening again. However, I wouldnt be surprised if it crashed anyway, just to make a fool outta me.

  • I added two new ranks: militia for blue and guerilla for red. These are now the lowest ranks and these players are unable to access their own teams worlds. In the event of an invasion they can get on the enemies world though. This is a security measure to help commanders get to know people before they let them on their planets. I also changed how explosives are handled. From now on only Officers, Komots, Commanders and Commandants can handle, build or hold the following items:

    Mining laser
    Sticky Dynamite
    ICBM grenades, explosives and missiles
    ICBM rocket launchers (shoulder launched)
    ICBM explosive minecarts

    I urge players to not pick these up or try to make them as they will be deleted from your inventory. While I hate to limit the freedom of players to destroy their enemies lately we have had a huge influx of new people. There are too many people for the commanders to keep track of and the potential for one off griefers is high as strangers wander in, ask why the server is not Call of Duty with less pixels, and then proceed to start setting off ICBM's for kicks.

    We also had a problem recently with people thinking that everything under the sun ought to be in the rules and if its not then it must be allowed. One Commander was banned when he completely disgregarded our no putting associates on the enemy team common sense rule and his associate was banned as well. Obviously, stuff like that is not appropriate for any game, is highly dishonorable, and will never be tolerated. These are computer games, NOT real war, or else you all would have died a long time ago (with no respawn). Given this disregard for appropriate conduct I will now be posting the IP and IGN and info on people who try to use underhanded tactics like this against their enemies on the website. I have no respect for that sort of behavior and I will show none what so ever to the people who engage in it. I will be adding a reminder in the rules to reflect this change as well.

    I am considering re-introducing bedrock apartments as well. While I do not want to do this as it offers too much safety vs invaders I may be able to find a way to have the opposing force be able to enter the apartments while preventing griefers on teams from entering private rooms. If I can find a way to do that I will definetly add them.

    Finally, chest log was activated several days ago as well as the log for buttons, doors and plates. It seems that some people were not aware of this sudden, unannounced change and thus were caught stealing. One guy even tried to argue that he didnt while I was looking at the logs with his name on it. Either way, as always, greifing or stealing from your own team is a ban. I dont care if your brother/grandma/cat was using your account; there are no acceptable excuses.