What's the fastest way for someone new to IC2 to make a TON of UU matter?

  • I'm trying to replicate enough iridium to get quantum armor by just using my advanced miner to mine cobblestone but jeez this is unbelievably slow. I don't know what to do. It takes me an hour or two just to get ONE iridium shard.

    I don't want to do anything super advanced that would take enormous amounts of hours to make, but is there any option? I don't know anymore.

  • Using scrap (made using the recycler) will reduce the energy costs, but fundamentally it's end game so takes a lot of power to do. Nuclear reactors are the best bet for producing enough power.

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  • Yeah I've been making scrap from cobblestone mined from my advanced miner but it's taking forever. Surely there must be a better way? And by forever I mean countless hours and hours and hours

  • With aproper setup, you can make a full quantum suit within an hour. When I did that however, I had a full basement of about 10 reactors running + enough recyclers to constantly supply the mass fabricator with enough scrap.

  • What's is an example of a "proper setup"? Any links/suggestions?

    First I need infinite cobblestone I guess, or any other item, and I'm not even sure how to go about getting that.

  • Then you'll have to use a lot of miners to get a lot of cobblestone.

    :Rubber Trampoline::Geothermal Generator::Geothermal Generator:

    :Mining Pipe:Rubber Trampoline::Rubber Trampoline::Tin Ore:

    :Rubber Trampoline::Water Mill::Water Mill:

    That can be used as a cobblestone setup.

    :Rubber Trampoline: = Cobblestone

    :Geothermal Generator: = Lava

    :Water Mill: = Water

    :Mining Pipe = Miner

    (View is seen from the top)