[GT5u] Prevent Gregtech from registering certain items to oredict.

  • Hi!

    I am currently playing on a server (Kirara 5) and some of the players / devs are trying to prevent Pam's harvestcraft's salt from being unified to Gregtech's salt.

    That way we could make pam's salt from running water, use it to make food but we'd be unable to use that pam's salt for making sodium and chlorine inside an electrolyzer for instance.

    I've done some tests, trying to remove pam's salt from the ore dictionnary but it is still unified to GT's salt with this script :


    Even though pam's salt is successfully removed from all the ore dictionnaries entries, it is still unified to GT's salt.

    As far as I know, Gregtech grabs every oredict entry when the game is launched and adds them to it's own list.

    I've done little to no mod coding, I only have a rough idea of how it works but it may help other players on the server. This idea is to make a high priority event which would register pam's salt from the ore:itemSalt and ore:dustSalt, I don't know if it would have to happen during pre init, init or post init (again, my knowledge is very limited at the moment), but I imagine that's how this would work.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!


    Java script, which happens to be the language in which minecraft is coded

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    I see this is about GT5U so I cant help 100% with it, but there is no way to MineTweak that stuff the way you want it. GregTech is designed to always make sure equal things are as compatible as possible, configuring your Modpack to make things incompatible is basically impossible to pull off, without doing some serious source edits to GT5U.

    GregTech doesnt just grab it during launch time, it grabs it the instant moment something is registered, you cannot put anything inbetween to intercept it without changing the GT Code itself to make an exception for the Pams Salt.

    Also it is Salt of all things, the stuff that should be abundant in Oceans. Why nerf that?

  • Hi Greg, thanks for the explanation!

    The original idea was that in order to make better food, we'd need to find salt veins.

    But salt veins are unexpectedly rare on the server and food is slowly becoming annoying to make for everybody.

    We voted to make Pam's salt craftable with the default recipe (water + pot), so we could use it to make better food, while keeping it separate from the salt veins spawning in the world. That way we can't just craft salt out of water and make sodium out of it (for instance).

    The easy fix was to basically allow people to make salt, due to salt ores being too rare (keda is working on a way to retrogen the world with better ores), and make it stop unifying to GT salt and possibly un-oredictify it.

    I guess we'll just wait for the harder fix, which is to wait for keda's rework on the veins.


    Java script, which happens to be the language in which minecraft is coded

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    I'm glad I actually added Ocean Water as separate Fluid in GT6, so you can do actual Salt using it, but not using regular Vanilla Water. Makes a good reason to live next to an Ocean.

    My original intention with the large Ore Veins was not "amount of Ores you get from it", that can even be insanely much per vein, I wanted the difficulty to be in the actual Location of the Resource and not the amount of it. That way even in Singleplayer you not only have to take care where you live, but you also have to build some sort of infrastructure to get from your Base to your Resources.