Fluid Reactors in the Reactor Design thread

  • Is there a fluid Reactor Design thread? I didn't find one. I suggest the following changes to the Reactor Design thread, to make it a one-stop shop.

    a) heat units next to the EU units on the reactor description

    b) a section for fluid reactors, or maybe for reflector reactors.

    For example, the "efficient 0-cost reactor" is 912Hu/s, and the "high-power 0 cost reactor" is only 920 Hu/s, so the efficient one is nearly as good.

    My first entries for the Fluid Reactor section are these.

    4-reflector reactor:

    EU/tick: 240 HU/tick: 936-1356

    Efficiency: 6.0

    Overall Efficiency:


    Running Costs:

    Credits: (someone else, I've just kept a pic around for years)


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