Is it allowed port any addon?

  • It is typical situation when some author of some addon or mod canceling development of his project.

    Sooooo... Is it legal to decompile and rewrite any abandoned addon to make it compatible with newer versions of game and IC2?
    I can ask permission (or even source code) from author in case if I have contact with author?

    But what should I do if author for example not joinining forum for a years and abandoned any modding for some reason? Can I create port in that case?

    I don't know for that this field. Just placeholder text here to fill it.

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    Try to message them and if they dont react, you can try to update it, but you might have to take it down if they come back and request it to be taken down. That's how I have seen people handle it over here.

  • Really depends on the license they are using. If its licensed by BSD, GPL or CC License, chanches are good that you are allowed to port it.