Auto pulse cycle systems?

  • Not sure if this has been asked but I am wondering what are people using to automate pulse cycles like using timing seconds for specific temperature based on the ic2 reactor planner or their own calculation and the cool down times for ftb mod blocks like project red timers along with other blocks and rednet controllers or even plain mc redstone circuits and how?

    I am trying to figure out what I should be using for a cheap setup. I do have a rednet controller but I think this can be easily done with project red. Just no idea where to start.

    I assume based on some random stuff I read a state cell required, not sure how yet. Then a timer for a state that activates reactor and then when timer reaches end send a redstone pulse to reactor to deactivate and to the state cell to move to a second state for cool down. Second state does another timer and does the exact same to reactivate and send redstone signal to state cell to reset. May need 3+ project red blocks for this.

    But am I on the right track, is this possible?

  • That is the kind of idea, having two timers is expected if the cooling time is different to the active time. If they're the same then a single timer pulsing a toggle latch on and off will be enough. The same principle can be used for two, just the active side also has to stop the timer associated with the other, which can make the wiring more complicated compared to two connected state cells.

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