Increase tools and armor internal storage

  • I know there are options to deal with this like carrying a battery batpack, but it would be nice to increase the internal storage of, a drill for example, by combining it with a internal storage upgrade.

    It could even be implemented using a new machine instead of the crafting table in order to balance it, but that's just an idea.

    This suggestion comes from whenever i go mining with the diamond drill it doesn't really lasts that long and i'm quite far from the iridium one.

    Let me know what you think.

  • There is the BatPack and upgraded forms of that which allow recharging, as well as the Charging RE-Battery and upgraded forms that also allow recharging tools in the inventory. It is at the expense of either the chest armour slot or a normal inventory slot, but that is not an especially bad price to pay. The charging forms especially have very few downsides if you've got another mod adding a backpack for storing ores and the like in rather than relying just on inventory space.

    There was an old addon called Combo Armours that allowed the merging of Batpacks, Jetpacks and normal armour to effectively remove the drawbacks, but that's not been updated in years.

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