anyone made a uranium/mox hybrid reactor?

  • Ok, so i am curious if anyone has managed or even attempted to achieve a stable hybrid reactor using mox efficiently, or even 1 that goes threw partial cooldown phases, i know a stable reactor in both aspects are totally different but im curious if you could make a balance within the limited space a reactor provides, i myself am constantly struggling with understanding how all the components work so i cant even begin to experiment or even guess at what that would look like, especially because any designs that might have had potential to work that way are long outdated, also is their any mods for 1.10.2 capable of reading reactor heat temp and controlling it? last time i saw anything that i knew worked for that was nuclear control back in like 1.6 or 1.7.

  • MOX lasts half the time of uranium within a reactor, so the dynamic of any design would have to account for stopping exactly half way through the uranium's life time to refuel the MOX. Whilst not terribly hard, it is a nuisance in setting it up. Any kind of automatic refilling could also be troublesome if you're relying on a certain type of rod being in a particular slot.

    There have been examples in other threads of a couple of mixed designs, but from a practical point of view mixing them doesn't have too many benefits. MOX benefits from running hot, but uranium doesn't, so you're effectively wasting potential output that you could get from MOX rods where you have uranium instead. So long as you're not in a fluid reactor the design's heat output won't even change from swapping them over. If you're running short on plutonium but still need the power it is a solution, but even then you are only making an efficiency saving if you can't find more uranium either.

    As for thermometers, Nuclear Control never updated so there isn't an explicit option for 1.10. I did make a brief port that worked for temperature measuring (without any guarantees of lasting long term) if you want that. There might be an official alpha of it too, don't think it was ever announced if there was. I also made a ComputerCraft addon for it that might work for 1.10 (as it was originally designed for 1.12) but that would also depend on you having ComputerCraft to use it.

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  • i wouldnt know what to do with computer craft :P but na im not too worried about finding a mod for it, and yes while inserting rods into the correct positions would be hard its not impossible, i know of 1 or 2 logistics mods that let you specify what slots even to place objects, and the advantage is your constantly gaining 238 to continue to make mox, and in a compact way rather then needing 2 separate reactors (though long term thats probably the way youd end up going anyway)