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  • Hi, is there anybody who can explain to me how to import the IndustrialCraft api into my development environment?

    Sorry for my bad English

  • The easiest method will be do add the IC2 maven within your build.gradle and declare the API as a dependency:

    Code: build.gradle
    1. repositories {
    2. maven {
    3. name "IC2"
    4. url ""
    5. }
    6. }
    7. dependencies {
    8. compile 'net.industrial-craft:industrialcraft-2:2.8.101-ex112:api'
    9. }

    Refreshing your project if you've imported the gradle file or running gradlew eclipse/idea if you're using the command line will then compile with the IC2 API too.

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  • oh tanks but I've solved, now I have another problem: I'm trying to create a generator block but if I use the .setUnlocalizedName() it give errors and crashes