[2.8.73] Custom Recipes How-to

  • I am in the process of putting together a modpack and I am determined to use the IC2 macerator for a recipe, but I can't seem to figure it out.

    I have looked through other threads and have found statements referencing an IC2 folder within the config file of the game. I assume I have to add the file myself and then add the .ini files to that folder? I also have not found a list of functions I could use to add my own recipes. If anyone could point me to the pre-existing recipes so I can gauge how to write them myself I would be very appreciative. I have tried opening the .jar file within Visual Studio Code and it displays a bunch of diamonds and other symbols, which I don't think is how it's supposed to appear.

    In short, I need to know:

    1. How to open the .jar file using Visual Studio Code or Notepad++

    2. Whether or not I have to make a folder labeled IC2 in the config file myself

    3. How to actually get the custom recipes into the game

  • The IC2 jar is just a glorified zip, so you can open it with something like 7zip or WinRar. In the assets/ic2/config directory within it you have all the recipe configs which IC2 uses. To modify them you copy the ones you want out of the jar into a folder called ic2 in the config folder (which you have to make yourself). Once you've done that you can open the ini files using any text editor, and they have both explanations of the format at the top and all the recipes IC2 adds as examples below. To add a custom recipe you just add lines into that file which IC2 will use instead of the one in the jar. Any lines you remove from there will also remove the recipes from the game if you wanted that too.

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