EV Transformers outputting more than 2048 EU/t?

  • I'm on a server using advanced solar panels, and had an existing wind farm making ~2-3k EU/t, then recently started on solar and worked my way up to building two Quantum panels. When I hook them up together, I get the 8192 EU/t during the day that I'd expect, but to fill in at night, I wanted to merge it with my wind farm to get a consistent as-close-to-max-for-EV-as-possible power amount being fed to my base. So I did some wacky wiring and basically took my wind farm and my solar farm, split their output cables twice (1->2 then split those, so 1 -> 4 equal outputs), then joined each of the 1/4th output cables from the solar and the wind farm into an input to an EV transformer, then took each EV transformer's output and 4 -> 2 -> 1'd it back together, with the intention of making one max-of-8192 EU/t output cable (and then I was going to throw 4 MFSUs on there to buffer it).

    This plan seemed all fine and dandy, so I set it all up, and then was pretty shocked to see well over 8k EU/t come out of the EV transformers. When the combination of solar + wind is making ~11k EU/t, all 11 are making it through the EV transformers to the output joined cable. So, that's perplexing.

    However, what's more perplexing is that all of the tier 5 stuff inside my base (including a single EV transformer that starts stepping things down for my machine room) are all happily accepting the 11k EU/tick, including my matter fabricator with two transformer upgrades, with the EU scanner showing 10k EU/t on it right now (but it's making me lots of UU matter!...) I haven't tried just straight running the 11k without the EV transformers into the base, but the last time I overpowered a matter fabricator by accident, it blew a ~20 block diameter hole in the side of my base that took me days to clean up from, so I'd rather not mess around with that again...

    What am I missing here? Why are the transformers allowing more than 2048 EU/t through them, and why is it okay that > 8k EU/t is making it to tier 5 devices. Also, why aren't my glass fiber cables exploding?...

    If it matters, we're on: industrialcraft-2-2.8.106-ex112

  • I played around more with the EU reader and checked voltage on a bunch of things, and it's possible that I'm just misunderstanding the docs. It sounded like older IC2 builds used the EU/t + EU/p systems, but that more recent IC2 versions (as of like several years ago) got rid of the packet system and just went straight to EU/t. However, the behavior I'm seeing can be firmly explained by the packet system, so I'm going to have to assume that the packets are still in effect, and I just need to simplify my setup there to just use an EV transformer to step my quantum panels down from Tier 5 to Tier 4, and then I can just merge it with the Tier 3 from my 18 wind turbines, and then inside my base will be all T3/T4 packets hitting the main line in the front door, even though the total EU/t is over 10k, it's never more than T4 packet sizes. Does that sound about right?...

  • The packet style simulation was added back in 1.9, so what you're describing sounds just like correctly sized packets moving about. Transformers also send multiple packets to send as much power as they can like before too, the voltage drop system was too limited without proper current draw too.

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  • Gotcha! Thanks for the clarification. I didn't see anything about it getting added back in. :)

    If the packet system is in place again, why is it helpful to upgrade machines to another tier of voltage other than simplicity of your wiring? I was very much able to add several more overclock upgrades to my tier 1 machines (compressor/etc.) after upgrading them to tier 2 voltage. If packets worked by my understanding, then it shouldn't matter whether it was getting power at 128 EU/t in 4*32 EU/p packets or at 1*128 EU/p packet.