Looking to see what the item id and syntax problem when trying to disable the mining laser for Ic2 2.8.73.

  • Hey I am looking to disable the mining_laser, that is bypassing claim/guards, and despite a long search we have not been able to confirm the item id for it or the syntax we would use within our scripts folder? We think we are working off of an old id.

    examples: ic2:mining_laser or ic2te:mining_laser, the nuke has a number ic2te:82, so perhaps its a number we are missing. Our syntax looks like recipes.remove(<ic2te:mining_laser>); though I'm offering context of what we've tried with ic2 2.8.73 with 1.12.2 mc. Thank you for any direction.

  • The ID is ic2:mining_laser, but the metadata can vary as its charge does. Thus crafting with an empty energy crystal will produce an item with meta 26 but using a fully charged crystal will produce an item with meta 0. Perhaps you'd want something like <ic2:mining_laser:*>, but I don't know if it supports marking wildcards like that (or whether it will also look for NBT differences which differently charged mining lasers will also have).

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  • Ok so after some more work we were able to make it happen, and just because I spent enough time searching for someone who was in the same stick I was in, I'm putting the solution here. We have crafttweaker 3 in our pack and that helped solve the problem. recipes.remove(<ic2:mining_laser:26>); and recipes.remove(<ic2:mining_laser:0>); How did we find the item id numbers? /crafttweaker nbt command with the object you want to id in your hand. The command will give you the actual item id number.