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    Yeah, that's the same way i do it in my world, it's also one of the cheapest. but i'm thinking kind of a hot coolant ''aqueduct'' feeding an infinite array of boilers, and a waste system moving the cold coolant back in, but imagine now, if there was a 2-way whitelist fluid distributor, that could optimize the builds by far.

    If you think BIG, and here you should be very imaginative, imagine a gigantic set of liquid heat exchangers somewhere, and then sync all the reactors into a main hot coolant pipe that would feed them all, this would also create an enormous hot coolant buffer that would keep them working forever, and even so making everything ''bigger'' would be just building a new reactor and plugging the input and output into the main ''aqueduct'' This would require a hard investment to start, but creating more hot coolant would be just adding more reactors, and making more heat dissipation would be just plugging more liquid heat exchangers, and yeah, if there was a 2 way block i would not need an extra cold coolant pipe, this is an example i made right now with placeholders and without lining up the pipes so you guys can get it, and probably the thing i suggested will not be done because here we love the ''Hurt me more'' Motto


    That beast is a beauty, right?

    56 hU/s actions per second, (yes, i know that it draws from reactor, it doesn't just exhausts it)

    Actions, not exhaustion, the problem i try to talk about, is that the only piece able to just vent near heat is extremely underwhelming

    There are both a Fluid Distributor and a fluid collector which either take fluid from 1 side and send to the other 5, or take fluid from 5 ports and sent it to 1. Stacking Fluid Ejection upgrades will allow it to move fluid more quickly.

    Imagine the Liquid Heat exchanger, it inputs and outputs, if there was a block able to blacklist and whitelist liquids it would be even better, but the actual way of setting the reactor in big numbers is now a total mess because lack of space,


    This is the top compact steam unit you can build, right? So i want to put as much as i want from a single reactor output block


    And this is the nightmare i have to build if i want to make a distribution line feeding with hot coolant all the turbines (unless i had an electric sorter that would work for liquids)

    Yeah, this bump also works as addition, the reactor plating lets you be able to withstand more heat, but even with more temperatures the mox rods still output the same % hull temp energy; yes, this is hard to program but could open more reactor planning ways

    Confused people around here roam and they probably look at the wiki and if they do, they don't find what they are looking for, so i would Implement another category called tutorials, just at the top, where people posts their ways of doing things, if it's actually worth it, they get pinned, for example i could post my steam boiler setups or my compact blast furnace, if they are useful it gets pinned (or if you want to do some more work you make a real tutorial category moving the worthy posts from a submission open thread into locked sorted categories) but if try to post anything now nobody is actually going to find it, and that's one of the reasons nobody tries

    I've seen that fluid too, ''Heavy water'' is water with isotopes of deuterium, so it's part of the fusion reactor and electrolyzer and all those placeholders sitting there

    When you start using plutonium rods, and you recycle them via centrifuge, you get the plutonium refunded, and thus you only need to add more and more 238 to keep it going, tons of it.... that's probably one of the reasons we should keep it that way, the uranium is just the earlygame cheap experiment, if you still think otherwise, let me change your mind...


    Those are suggestions that do really matter, also, i am going to hold just into the ones that are easy to program, here we go

    Heatproof redstone lever/torch/programmer

    Why would somebody want something like this? You would think, yeah, look at this:

    My survival reactor works at 99.96% hull temperature, to juice my MOX rods at maximum efficiency, yeah, but there's not a single redstone block/switch/system that could fit inside the reactor shield and survive


    After a lot of time i figured out that the ic2 interactive blocks are inmune, so i shoved a batbox that works as permanent torch, with no way of turning it out unless dropping myself inside the reactor and working very fast


    Yeah, i don't need it now that i figured it, but everyone else must be nuts about this, so creating a block that outputs redstone and flagging it invulnerable to meltdown should do the job

    If you want to make it fancy and have some timers or being able to switch it on and off would be a wonder but well

    Reactor clarity
    This is pretty much straightforward, imagine the classic reactor, on one side there's a display of the heat that is being generated per tick, and in the other, the heat that is being exhausted/t

    This way, you can set up a reactor right away without having to make a sketch, waiting 15 minutes, coming back to check if the pieces are damaged or not, replacing it, moving the reflectors, sorting the rods that are pulsing each other, thinking that now works, but there's 1 heat offset that you weren't able to notice and then you come after two hours and half the setup has burned down or there's just a hole where your sandwich machine was, and everything because that reactorplannerByFnafXxXKeithXxX2005.jar is outdated

    Various reactor thinges chop chop

    Okay, this sounds like ~150 more line of code, and i comprehend it's a hassle but let's be positive

    Imagine that i have a reactor, and it generates 600 heat, my cooling array exhausts 595 heat, so in the long run the reactor components end up molten yeah? So to correct that little offset

    i would put a heat exchanger, connected to a LZH, and what happens? The LZH takes all the heat for herself and just dies, the fans, unused, imagine that you could create a heat exchanger that when it gets rightclicked, a menu appears, and you can select if you want to make it component/reactor exhaust, and how much heat should it transfer to the nearest item, if balancing issues worry you, you can make it weaker than everything else, so it's only used for fine tuning. Also, why does an Advanced heat vent that uses a diamond and two vents and just cools components at 12 hU/s while the the overclocked outdoes it with 20 hU/s and obliterates with 36 hU/s reactor cool for a neat 56 hU/s actions per second, (yes, i know that it draws from reactor, it doesn't just exhausts it) so i guess the adv heat vent could use some more love? (Making new upgrade with them as components or something is you fear messing up the old reactor planners and stuff)

    Also, since we opened the pandora's box, what about component heatsinks? Having a good amount of times more durability than a heat exchanger and being slower (Maybe a very expensive direct upgrade from exchangers?)

    And, if you excuse me, what about a 2 way reactor fluid distributor, that works as a reactor fluid port extension so you can actually fit more than ~19 turbines on a fluid reactor

    I hope i haven't given you coding nightmares and so farewell

    So the config makes minecraft ignore the invalid recipes, now you can find out what recipe it is, by looking on the craftingtable recipes so the recipes can be replaced

    When i got duplicated recipes in machines i usually change the ''recipe'' example, a macerator with cobblestone giving stone dust and sand, and that crash, i make a new object for the recipe

    cobble+ cobble = cobble chunk --->into a macerator----> stone dust

    cobble----->into a macerator---->sand

    i actually didn't make that exactly recipe, but i did it for the iron dust piles and such objets

    First, the reinforced door should be done making plates in a block cutting machine of reinforced stone

    When you pick the foam texture with the obscurator and you place in a dried construction foam, it works like an Xray

    A heat port for the thermal centrifuge, making heat up faster

    Heat gun:

    Electrical heat means coils,or copper boilers, the battery, too, and the small power unit, the electronic circuit, advanced heat vent

    Heat gun on wires will recover the rubber, aplying on colored construction blocks will remove the paint, shooted on players
    will make them 0 damage points,but knockback like the snowball

    On overclocked mode will convert ice into water, and delete snow,
    but will consume more
    Will remove grass and sapplings
    It will do a very low damage on players
    and will be able to set things on fire in 10 seconds if aims at it

    A more ''sticky'' Tamping Rammer aka Electrical piston
    Piston, electronic circuit, machine block and restone and iron casing
    Able to stick into machines and be able to move them with redstone signals, or with timers, and being able to push or contract itself
    several blocks

    Vaucum cleaner, i dont know if used as block or as tool
    The electronic circuit, the motor, the heat vent, machine block
    it will suck items in the area if haves the enough power assigned to them,
    if the power is higher than the player mass it atract them, too

    A laser block, or tool able to tell the distance in blocks, and or make a redstone trigger if something trasspass the defined distance
    maybe a diamond or a cristal, the machine block, advanced electronic circuit

    Add power tools attachements, example, vacuum for the drill, so it pick up without the risk of loosing a diamond in lava, for example

    First there should be machines for ''dissasembling'' materials into more basically forms

    Compressed cells should be dissasembled into: nitrogen, oxigen, argon,neon, helium kripton, ozone...

    Sea Water into Hidrogen ,oxigen and sodium (obviously) and a random value to find potasium, magnesium, sulphur

    Slime would be a total random

    And so on...

    Then with the other machine, you can ''assemble'' these raw materials into things
    like making custom nuclear fuel rods, making enough H2SO4 to use as liquid
    purifing uranium and remove other particles for ''Perfect Uranium Rod''
    The ashes 're a unused craft, they can be used for make a saturation into a liquid or purifiing it to make Potassium hydroxide!