Railcraft Poor Ore

  • The Poor Ores from the Railcraft mod. Normally, if you throw them in a furnace, they come out with 3 nuggets, which comes out to a 30% rate to normal ore. However, if you put the poor ore into the macerator, it comes out with 2 crushed ore, which comes out at a 100% rate to normal ore.

    1) This makes no real sense. A poor ore deposit should have less ore than a normal ore deposit.

    2) I was mining and I found a poor iron ore vein. Thing is, this one vein was gigantic. I now have an entire chest filled with poor iron ore, and there is still more to be mined. Poor ore veins tend to be larger than normal.

    My suggestion is to make poor ores macerate at a 50% rate, meaning they produce only 1 crushed ore.

    P.S. I'm rich now.

  • If you really wanted, you could edit the IC2 macerator config and maybe see if you can override it. If not, a simple mod can be made that replaces the Railcraft recipes. I don't use railcraft, so I don't really know about if it has a config of not. If you are going the mad route, it's relatively simple, something like

    Recipes.macerator.addRecipe(in, out, replace(true)); for every recipe to replace

    My favorite...

    Armor: :Quantum-Helmet::Quantum-Bodyarmor::Quantum-Leggings::Quantum-Boots:

    Item: :Uranium::Uranium Ore::Reactor:

  • It's not IC2 adding these recipes as far as I'm aware, it is almost certainly Railcraft itself (especially if you're only using IC2 and RC). I would suggest making an issue on the Railcraft Github if this is actually the balance it is currently using given that it is certainly worth double checking to say the least.

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