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    So I placed the panel like this:



    where M is a monitor, and X is the extender. I powered it via a lever attached to the extender in the back, and found that even when my reactor was on, it didnt update the display unless I cliked into the reactor GUI. The remote monitor works fine, though.

    Also, I have also noticed that when I place a reactor location card into the top left slot of the monitor, then save, quit and exit MC, the next time I load in, the location card gets replaced by a time sensor card.. What's wrong? Is it my setup or a bug?

    I have IC2 industrialcraft-2-2.8.109-ex112.jar, and World Control WorldControl-1.0.18.jar

    bump? Is there any methods I have to add to have a duration? I'm going to try and figure the heat out for myself, don't want to seem like I want you guys to write my mod for me, I just need a lot of help :P

    I've also thought of adding dense diamond plates to the corners of the empty rod (I'll handle the dense diamond plates/ plates in my mod, no worries :) )

    Also, how do I make a block cutting blade with a higher hardness?

    try downloading the repo, run gradlew setupDecompWorkspace, and after that finishes, try gradlew build. the built mod should be in built/libs. Thats for Windows, idk about the other OS's though...

    I don't think that gradlew eclipse is needed before building...

    I'm making a mod which adds in a Coaxium fuel :Uranium Cell: rod (SM84CE's modding help thread), and I was wondering hou I would find the heat generated per tick or second by a single/dual/quad rod in an EU reactor:Reactor:.

    Here's how I think it should work:

    Reactor heat MAX (with no plating, 0 chambers) is 10000

    My single rod raises the heat by .04% on a single press of a stone button attached to the top of the reactor :Reactor:

    Stone buttons produce a 20 tick long signal = 1 second, iirc

    Therefore, .0004*10000 = 4 HU/s

    Am I doing that right?

    EDIT: I'm considering making my mod an IC2 addon, if it meets the criteria (if any)

    So I got it to appear, it can now be placed in a reactor and outputs 5EU/t, and produces heat... I'm planning on the recipe needing an Iridium Reinforced Fuel Rod, and making the rod produce no heat or negative heat, hence the iridium costs. Where would I set my ItemCoaxiumRod to produce no/negative heat?

    Also, there is no durability bar, I found the set/get damage methods in ItemGradualInt, you said Override them, what goes into the method body, and do I override get/set Custom Damage, or the get/setDamage method?

    Agreed, also, the blowing up thing makes you think about your setup, but if you really don't like it, it can be disabled in the newer versions of IC2, iirc. Alos, I learned to make a main switch for my power supply after I blew up a thermal centrifuge...

    With my previous post in mind, here is my file, there is one problem: The item itself isn't available in the Creative inventory. When I add the ModItems.ITEMS.add(this), I get a NullPointerException (crash log below). I am declaring my Item in my ModItems class, in init package like this:

    public static final ItemCoaxiumRod COAXIUM_ROD = new ItemCoaxiumRod("coaxium_rod", 1);

    Crash report:

    Where would I copy all of the methods from? When I used the eclipse add unimplemented methods feature, it put some methods that I found in ItemReactorUranium, there were also some in ItemReactorUranium's superclass, do I just copy and paste them and change "protected ..." to "public ..." in the method headers?

    Should my constructor look like this?

    1. public final int numberOfCells;
    2. public ItemCoaxiumRod(String name, int cells)
    3. {
    4. super(); //for the Item class
    5. numberOfCells = cells; //some methods dealt with this...
    6. }
    7. ...

    Also, with the import ic2.core.item.reactor.ItemReactorUranium.ItemStackCoord, eclipse says that ItemStackCoord isn't visible, do I need to copy and paste that method into my class, change it to public, and @Override it?

    Sorry for all the questions... I just didn't think this would be so hard :P

    If possible, an example class for making a fuel rod would help, a lot :)

    So how would I extend 2 classes in my ItemCoaxiumRod class?

    Also, where is the ItemUranium class? I'm assuming that it's in the mod itself?

    I also assume that ItemReactorUranium has a method for NBT data storage?

    Also, I'm assuming that the Uranium superclass is ItemReactorUranium?

    Sorry for the questions, I kinda don't know how to make mods with IC2 integration :P

    Can anyone help me out? I can't figure this out :( Do I just copy and paste the methods from the extended class into my class and change the return values? EX: If I were to extend ItemReactorUranium, would I just copy/paste the methods into my CustomFuel class? I'm assuming I need to @Override the methods... If so, do I do that with the implemented class, IReactorComponent?

    So how would I make a reactor fuel? Would my CustomFuel extend ItemReactorUranium? Do I need to implement anything? I've also seen that when you use the eclipse "add unimplemented methods" option, it fills in the returns for the methods with placeholders, null for objects/ strings, etc. What do I have to replace those with?

    First off, sorry if this is in the wrong subforum, I really had no idea where to put it.

    I recently got into modding and decided to try some IC2 based stuff. I know some Java, and followed the vanilla tutorials here:

    [Numbers 1-12]

    I decided to try and add in Coaxium, from the Star Wars series. That went well, so I decided to make it an IC2 reactor fuel. That's where I got stuck. I can't seem to find documentation on the API, and couldn't find any source for these types of mods (ones that added in reactor fuels). Anyone here that is willing to help me out?