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    So I finally got back to this, but my filing cabinet's acting up: the textures on each side show up correctly, but the model in the hand/ inventory aren't. I added an inventory variant, but that doesn't seem to fix anything...

    Code: filing_cabinet.json
    1. { //block model
    2. "parent": "block/orientable",
    3. "textures": {
    4. "front": "fm:blocks/filing_cabinet_front",
    5. "side": "fm:blocks/filing_cabinet_side",
    6. "top": "fm:blocks/filing_cabinet_top",
    7. "bottom": "fm:blocks/filing_cabinet_bottom"
    8. }
    9. }

    so this is wrong/ not implemented yet?


    Update headlines with custom profile support to allow the content of IC2 to be heavily tweaked

    • Ships with two profiles by default, Experimental (default) and Classic (old item/textures/recipes)
    • Additional profiles can be added as zips or folders in the ic2_profiles directory containing a profile.xml

    Personally, I'd suggest either "Pending Addons" or "Addon Discussion". I haven't decided whether I'd use this mod myself when it becomes available for download, but I will want to be able to find the thread so I can add the components to my planner. Also, I hope it will be okay to include the assets for said components in the planner when the time comes.

    I did add a request in the shoutbox for this to be moved (I thought it would be more of a general thread, but it morphed into this, which then morphed into an addon :P)

    Definitely! After it's released, send me a PM or whatever asking for the fuel rod classes (assuming those get directly integrated into the planner to determine the behaviors), etc. and I'll send them to you

    So on Curse, the IC2 changelog for the newer versions says that a custom profile can be created by the use of an XML file. What is the format for the file? What functionalities does a profile offer over "vanilla" IC2 (can it allow a nuclear jetpack in IC2 experimental)? Also, where do I place the profile XML? Is it in ic2/config/profiles?

    Sorry for all the questions, I couldn't really find much documentation on this...

    I checked that with the chamber, it returned true for has reactor, but nil for all the get methods, which was what prompted me to post that. And how would I do the Lua table thing? I'm not really experienced with Lua

    Since I've seen a couple of requests for this might as well make it a little more official. Tiny ComputerCraft addon that means wrapping a nuclear reactor as a peripheral will now have the following methods:

    • getHeat - The current reactor heat

    • getMaxHeat - The heat amount the reactor will explode if reached
    • getRawEnergyOutput - The amount of energy the reactor is producing before converted to EU
    • getEUOutput - The amount of EU the reactor is producing
    • isActive - Whether the reactor is current running
    • isFluidCooled - Whether the reactor is fluid cooled

    Wrapping a reactor chamber offers all these methods, and hasReactor - whether the chamber can find the reactor it is attached to

    Overall, I love the idea, but when I wrap a reactor chamber, I can't get any outputs, when I call getEUOutput() on a chamber, I get nil, even though there is a reactor attached. Is it a bug, or 8s this my fault?

    Also, one suggestion: could you also make a method to get the tick remaining on the fuel rods? This would possibly be an average...

    If you really wanted, you could edit the IC2 macerator config and maybe see if you can override it. If not, a simple mod can be made that replaces the Railcraft recipes. I don't use railcraft, so I don't really know about if it has a config of not. If you are going the mad route, it's relatively simple, something like

    Recipes.macerator.addRecipe(in, out, replace(true)); for every recipe to replace

    THANKS!!!!!! I've been looking for something like this!

    You should really consider making a place where we can get all your tiny addons and such (like FullDrop and this one), they are REALLY useful!