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    Debug screen shows it as "ic2:resource" and "type: reinforced_stone", but I got it to work by passing "ic2:resource 11" (without quotes) to the /fill command (despite the wiki saying that only Bedrock Edition accepts numeric tileData for the command).

    The 11 is metadata for the block, seems like the wiki isn't documenting that correctly, or could be that the syntax does not use metadata for 1.13+?

    OK, so I'm trying to add the Nuclear Jetpack to Experimental IC 2 (because it's cool. And doesn't need to be charged often with the right setup). Is there a way to do this with profiles, or does it have to be added in via a mod?

    If it does needed to be modded in, any permissions that I need to get before doing so?

    I didn't catch this before (since I didn't have much interest in actually using the mod), but that should be (IReactorComponent)acceptor.stack.getItem() instead of (IReactorComponent)stack.getItem(), otherwise you're altering the heat on the rod itself (which has no effect). I think you'll also want to use acceptor.x and acceptor.y in the call to alterHeat, otherwise overheating an adjacent component may cause the rod to break instead of the overheated component.

    Also, it seems like you left this in the code for both Coaxium rods and Cesium rods (I hope you don't mind that I peeked with jd-gui). For all I know, maybe you want coaxium rods to heat adjacent components but not directly heat the reactor, but otherwise, you might want to strip out that whole section from the Coaxium rod class.

    Hmm... I'll have to double check that, thanks! And yeah, I'm fine with the jd-gui thing :P

    How do I add a block cutter blade recipe that only accepts a *custom* blade hardness or lower?

    I know there's these two "addRecipe" methods, but which one to use and where do I sepcify the required hardness?

    Recipes.blockcutter.addRecipe(input, output, metadata, replace);
    Recipes.blockcutter.addRecipe(input, metadata, replace, outputs);

    OK, so it finally built, without me having to do any brute-force, so that's nice!

    All that's left is testing the mod in a non-dev environment. Hopefully it'll work with version xx.2755 of forge, since that's what most of my mods work on. Also, when I upgrade, Minecraft just refuses to load completely... :(

    Got tired of digging for docs, so I've decided to remove the filing cabinet, and prep this thing for release. But. as usual, my n00bish-ness got in the way...

    I've run ./gradlew build (in PowerShell), and I've gotten these errors many times.

    I've included "industrialcraft-2-2.8.109-ex112-dev.jar" for my nuclear thingies, which made the mod run properly. Including the API along with the dev jar doesn't fix it, and having just the API breaks the nuclear fuels...

    Дробилка не дробит кварц от AE2

    Как исправить?Железная пыльЖелезная пыльЖелезная пыль

    Google Translated:

    Crusher does not crush quartz from AE2 How to fix? Iron dust Iron dust Iron dust

    Fixable by adding the recipe to the macerator.ini file (find the configs from the IC2 JAR, and COPY them into config/ic2 and make the necessary changes)

    Charging crystals: Right click MFE (red crystals), MFSU (blue crystals), pop them in and out of the top slot ONE AT A TIME. You could charge 4 at a time with Advanced Solar Panels...