1.13.2/1.14.2, please!

  • What do you want the IC2 Team to do about the newer FORGE releases? 17

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    So, I was looking on CurseForge to update my mod list to 1.13.2, and I was looking to add IndustrialCraft² to my 1.13.2 modlist, and the latest file was published 11 hours ago... but it was 1.12.2... wait, WHAT:?: :Nuke TNT:MinecraftChar:Dynamite::?: Is it that people don't know about the 1.13.2 Forge release? :(

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    It's been almost a month since I posted that last part, and since then the FORGE team has ported over an even newer edition of MC Forge... one for 1.14.2. Since this has happened.. I have devided to add a poll! This poll will be for this: DO WE, as the comunity, want

  • well, I'd just let the IC2 team know about your enthusiasm, and let them do this on their free time, because I'm pretty sure that they have other things in life that are more important, and that they'll work on IC2 when the resources and time are available. Another thing that you could do is learn how to mod, and offer to help port IC2?

    If that option is available, I might be able to help...

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    While we intend to update IC2 to newer versions, it's a very time-consuming process. I'd assume that it'd take about 4 months to update to 1.13/1.14 if we put all of our spare time into updating IC2. However since we have other things to do as well and it's quite easy to lose motivation to continue minecraft modding when updating mods for a while, I don't think it'll happen anytime soon.

    It's clear the community wants to have IC2 for newer MC versions, but it requires more work than many of you would think. IC2 for newer MC versions will come when/if we are ready for it.

    That being said, if someone wants to help in the IC2 development/updating process, we're always open for having a few extra hands, so if you think you can help, please let us know.

  • Sign me up! It's summer, and school's out, so I might be able to put in .5-1.5 hours per day, maybe more or maybe less, depending on what life throws at me...

  • sign me up please, i only have one unit next semester in uni, since i only looking for a job now, so i think i have times, if anything that i can do please contact me at my email, i could like to be the testing person

  • I would also like to help ... Later. From about September. Now I do not have time and adequate internet. Moreover, I have some experience creating mods and I would like to switch to newer versions of minecraft. I can also make an excellent translation in Russian and Ukrainian languages. What do you think of it?