[NoPainNoGain] GT NH

  • Hi everyone

    Me and my friend Ajes is hosting a new fresh GT NH Version server.

    Server IP: gtnh.ajes.dk:25566

    Server location: DK/EU

    Server version: GT New Horizons on twitch app or technic launcher

    Whitelist: Yes (Write in this thread or contact Lardy#2889 or Ajes#7852 on discord)

    Backup: Twice daily, 10 backups kept

    Ekstra mods: none

    Ekstra server-side mods: YABM and SpawnCommands (for /sethome and /back)

    Recommended level of expierence: newbie to medium expierenced, everyone welcome but we cant help you with your insane uber level questions :)

    Ekstra note: GT NH is hard - dont join if you cant handle failure in your life

    Server rules:

    1. No flaming or bad behavior in any way.

    2. Be helpful or silent. Noone wants smart remarks.

    3. Join the official GT NH discord (join from https://www.gtnewhorizons.com) ask your questions in help channel if other players on server cant help.

    4. Dont grief, steal or destroy other player bases.

    5. If you blow your own base up due to mistake we wont restore the server - its called a learning expierence.

    6. Try to keep your machines in chunks.

    Why should you join this server?

    I got expierence from hosting kirara server earlier in the past. Not mods or maintainance just pure hosting. We have been running other servers before always with GT involved somehow. Server is 24/7 and should be very stable on 300/300 fiber hosted in Denmark. Both Ajes and me are very friendly and decently expierenced. Hope to see you sometime in the future! stay safe exiles - or i mean miners!