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    Hi everyone

    Me and my friend Ajes is hosting a new fresh GT NH Version server.

    Server IP:

    Server location: DK/EU

    Server version: GT New Horizons on twitch app or technic launcher

    Whitelist: Yes (Write in this thread or contact Lardy#2889 or Ajes#7852 on discord)

    Backup: Twice daily, 10 backups kept

    Ekstra mods: none

    Ekstra server-side mods: YABM and SpawnCommands (for /sethome and /back)

    Recommended level of expierence: newbie to medium expierenced, everyone welcome but we cant help you with your insane uber level questions :)

    Ekstra note: GT NH is hard - dont join if you cant handle failure in your life

    Server rules:

    1. No flaming or bad behavior in any way.

    2. Be helpful or silent. Noone wants smart remarks.

    3. Join the official GT NH discord (join from ask your questions in help channel if other players on server cant help.

    4. Dont grief, steal or destroy other player bases.

    5. If you blow your own base up due to mistake we wont restore the server - its called a learning expierence.

    6. Try to keep your machines in chunks.

    Why should you join this server?

    I got expierence from hosting kirara server earlier in the past. Not mods or maintainance just pure hosting. We have been running other servers before always with GT involved somehow. Server is 24/7 and should be very stable on 300/300 fiber hosted in Denmark. Both Ajes and me are very friendly and decently expierenced. Hope to see you sometime in the future! stay safe exiles - or i mean miners!

    Desperate dane just want to play!

    I have faith in you guys selecting the best mods. Just want to say that something where its easy to get started would help alot of people. I can do it as you know i played before but the mods beeing auto updated and such is just a relief. Whitelist and since there never been any grief i dont see it as a problem.

    IHL and TF should go - i simply just dislike TF alot - i dont see any point it it beeing on the server. It only brings shortcuts and lag. I never use it so my playing expirence wont be affected except the lag it generates.

    All i can say is that i would be very interested in joining. Also about donating for server hosting or what would be needed. Discord is what most ppl use now. I dont mind joining irc but since its only for 1 thing i think its a bit overkill/annoying.

    Mods that are active and care = win

    Ordo can you look at uran rod recipe - it takes uran 235 but its removed from oregen so only way to get it is from centrifuge normal uran at 20% to get a tiny. That means you need way too much uran just to make 1 quad fuel rod - you need multiple veins just to get a reactor running for 2 hours with like 300 eu.

    This way its so much easier just to spam farms and boilers instead of actually using the next tier of energy - if you can call it that - nuclear aint usable in this state.

    Any chance we can get nano suit recipes changed into something a little more gt?

    Atm its lame open computers and you need 1 million items to craft it.

    Its a gt server but this heavy usage of open computers - this mod should be optional.

    Im gt fan - i want to play it - not opencomputers - fair enough there's mods like thaumcraft which is balanced with gt, forestry likewise and even op mod IHL. But opencomputers have to be optional imo :(

    Cant we atleast get a vote or something?

    edit: this is also an issue with AE2 (me controller) needs a fix aswell.

    What i mean is Extra cells are too hard atm - it takes way too many diamonds and titanium which is too hard to get - ordo said it will be replaced with stainless steel which makes more sense to me aswell.

    AE2 is ok - just needs pure certus quartz as a option aswell as certus quartz and pure fluix in extra cells - like it normally is :)

    The current state of AE2 mod seems a bit strange - you need insane amounts of titanium to make fluid cells and to make titanium you need to handle fluids. There's nothing but a quartz tank combined with pumps to handle this. Also seeds aint used in this AE2.

    Is it the normal way and the way its going to be ? i dont want to start on something this sick if it gets nerfed tomorrow :)

    The storage cells are stainless steel and such but there's no seeds for that either - but just need to know if this is working as intended.

    I think there's a mod missing in the list - i got rejected due to not having BiblioWoods Biomes O’ Plenty edition v1.9 - when i downloaded it worked fine - its not in the modlist however :)

    I dont mind sharing multimc pack file to make it easier for everyone but im not sure its allowed?

    Some suggestions to make the server more difficult:
    1. Disabling the Galacticcraft compressor and electric compressor. Everything they can produce is also producable in the GT implosion compressor, but their recipes are harder, since their use GT plates and industrial tnt, the heavy duty plates recipes also fit way better inside the tech-tree.
    2. changing the recipes for the other rocket parts with minetweaker, so that the tier 2 and 3 rockets require high-end materials, like tungstensteel or for the tier 3 rocket even americium.
    3. Maybe use the HSS alloys in most GT high-end machines, such as the Processing array, nulear reactor and nuclear reactor chamber.
    4. Nerf the plutonium veins by replacing the Plutonium with uranium 235 or 238 ore. 400-500 plutonium from veins is enough to produce renewable 600 EU/t ; that seems OP
    5. lowering the weight of mars naquadah from 10 to 5 ; remember that one normal naquadah or is worth about 100.000.000 EU and enriched naquadah give about 400.000.000EU and Naquadria. So one normal naquadah ore is like running the D-T fusion for maybe 20 min and you can get more than thousand ores from one vein.

    All this is implemented now - only waiting on the hss recipe changes once we talked about it. Rest is done.