Steam Boiler output

  • I am trying to determine how many steam boilers per Steam Kinetic Generator/Steam Turbines can be used.

    Liquid Heat Exchangers can pass 100 Hu/t, so 2 would be optimal to reach the most efficient superheated steam output. The Steam Boiler would be receiving 200 Hu/t.

    The Steam Boiler can then output however many mb of steam per tick. How many mb's are feasible? I am assuming this would lower the pressure and require more heat to operate more than 2 Turbines at a time.

    I am trying to determine whether I can pipe out steam to multiple turbines, or whether I am stuck with a setup using 2 LHE, 1 SB, 2 turbines, 2 KG, 1 condenser per 200 Hu/t output.

  • It all comes down to howmany sides a block has, which is 6.

    Your steam boiler needs 1 side to insert distilled water and another to extract superheated steam. That leaves you with 4 sides which you can surround with liquid heat exchangers. As each LHE can give 100 HU/t, you can supply your steam boiler with 400 HU/t tops.

    Superheated steam requires 200 HU/t to convert 1 mb distilled water to 100 mb superheated steam each tick. As you can supply up to 400 HU/t, you can set the steam boiler to convert 2 mb of distilled water to 200 mb of superheated steam.

    And if I remember correctly, you can send up to 1000 mb/t of superheated steam into your turbines, but you might have truoble condensing all of the steam with such a high input rate, even when you attach 3 condensers at your second turbine. If your condensers do have trouble keeping up with the superheated steam input rate, you could split up and send it to 2 sets of turbines.

    However, if your turbines are touching your boiler (so no pipes inbetween from multiple boilers to a single turbine), then you won't have trouble with condensing the cold steam to distilled water. 200 mb/t of superheated steam can be handled fine by a single setup of turbines+kinetic generators and condenser (unless it can't keep up, then use 2 condensers).

    Now, why must you use distilled water with this setup? As you've fully covered all sides of your steam boiler, you don't want to deal with breaking and replacing your steam boiler because of calcification. Let alone, be able to easily access your boiler when you use IC2's fluid transport, which use a full-size hitbox and prevent you from accessing any block behind it. Just use distilled water and you should be good to go. Don't forget to keep a good supply of distilled water (solar distilled or a dedicated steam setup which converts regular water to steam and condense it back to distilled water).

  • Thanks for your answer. That definitely clears up the math, wasn't sure if the steam boiler was capped or not.

    Using a mod pack with fluiducts which are a life saver :D

  • According to my experiments you can send ANY amount of Steam through there if your pipes can handle it.

    But there is a limit to how much water can be condensed again and if your kinetic generator outputs IV+ voltage, something is going to explode.