• So I want to power my underground miner by a long cable leading to solar flowers, but no matter how many I put them, no power goes to the miner.

    Is there cable limit where the power just stops completely? What do I have to do to have long working cables?

    I would be very glad if there was a cheap solution, but I will not be mining on the surface anyways, nor do I want to wrench and carry solar panels from place to place.

    Thank you in advance

  • Several questions to help us get further:

    1. Which cables are you using?

    2. How long are your cables?

    3. Are you using a buffer/transformer block inbetween the solar flowers and your underground base?

  • Every EU packet loses some power per unit of distance traveled through a cable.

    In an MFSU that sends energy through a glass fiber cable this is not a problem, but if you have a huge number of solar panels connected via HV cables, you will not get any EU due to this.