Centrifuge Power Requirements

  • OK so I got to the thermal centrifuge stage, got the heater installed, and I'm using geothermal power. I have lave pumped with BC pipes, keeping 7 geothermal generators filled. Each geothermal is supposed to make 20 EU/t, and each is going into its own batbox, which can output up to 32 eu/t. All 7 batboxes are constantly filled with power and should be sending a total of 140 eu/t then. According to the Wiki, it runs on a minimum of 48 eu/t with a max input of 128 eu/t. I'm using 1 coil in the heater so from what I understand it will take longer to heat, but uses 10 eu/t per coil, leaving 130 eu/t for the centrifuge. All wiring is glass fibre and can easily support the voltage, but I still don't have enough power to run the machine and i'm not sure why. To clarify I am only using the centrifuge, all other IC2 machines are unused when i'm running this. So the only power loss should be the heater and the centrifuge. And the wierd thing is I remember other worlds i've had where i did thermal centrifuge work with only basic solar panels, 8 or 10 of them. Am I missing something or have some numbers from the wrong info? Any help is greatly appreciated, I need to get my nuclear up and running

  • Wait does the Thermal centrifuge accept heat from heat generators now?

    It used to run entirely on EU and take ages to warm up.

    I assume you are not sending that power through very bad wiring?

    Because if you send 140EU/t from 7 batboxes through uninsulated HV cable, it only travels a few blocks before losing power completely.

  • Please mention which version of IC2 you are using and also include screenshots of your setup if possible.

    And as shirolol mentioned, we doubt whether you needed to apply external heaters to the thermal centrifuge.

    To be fair I was always annoyed that Thermal Centrifuges do not have a heat input, but they simply didn't last I checked.

  • ok version is 2.8.220-ex112

    Weird I saw the "Heat" bar and assumed heat generator. If it doesn't use that, it simplifies my design quite a bit. I wish the blast furnace could do the same by creating it's own heat with EU. Dealing with heater is a pain in the butt. They could have us build a heater element and that be part of the recipe for any device using heat if need be.

    And so i went to grab a screenshot and decided to remove my heater since that wasn't needed. I thought it was working for a sec, but after two ore were purified, it's back to being out of energy so I'm still confused. Here's a screenshot

  • So the thing i noticed is that the internal buffer of the machine is not used in the heating process. Once the heating bar fills up and it begins processing the ore, the buffer starts dropping, and only 2 ore get processed before it's out of power and the machine stays warmed up but the yellow bar gets a tiny bit up before restarting

  • just realized my shield blocked some of the pic.

    so theres a batbox behind the craft table. The first two are macerator on bottom and extractor on top, then an ore washing machine, the thermal centrifuge in question, electric heater, then metal former on top and compressor below, then on the right end is my blast furnace. Again, none have

    anything in them, and i even removed coils from the heater.

    Still no luck

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    I rebuilt your setup in a creative world and my thermal centrifuge processes items without any issues.

    Try to take your setup apart and rebuild it. If you can, first connect your batboxes with your thermal centrifuge and try to let it run. Use a EU meter to measure howmuch energy is being sent to the centrifuge once it's actually running.

    When the buffer is full and the centrifuge's heated up and actually processing items, it should only take 48 EU/t.

    Also, try to apply a redstone signal to your thermal centrifuge or use a redstone signal inverter upgrade, so the centrifuge stays hot. My measurements say it uses about 0.5 - 1 EU to keep it at max temperature.

  • haven't used the eu meter yet, might go in creative and do that testing

    Also didn't know i could keep it hot, interesting. Thanks for the info, i'll let you know what happens

  • so i rebuilt the setup in a different spot and voila, it all works perfect now, also very much enjoying using a simple level to keep the centrifuge warm. Thanks for all the help