[SMP Bug] Cant Craft anything with the Lapotron crystal

  • So im trying to play on this server and ive gotten to the point where i need an MFSU as well as a Massfabricator
    now when i tried to craft either of these i Cant
    so now im wondering if the server installed incorrectly or if it has broken version of the IC2.jar

  • If it was a corrupt JAR, you'd get a GZIP error or something to that effect. Probably a bad recipe.

    If not entirely sure (and you don't have it already) use Risugami's Recipe Book mod to see the recipes.

  • i think it might be the fact that i used an industrial diamond for the first lapotron crystal i made because it worked after i used a normal diamond
    ill do some more testing on the server im on as well as my SSP testbed