BUG IC2 1.15: Passive Animals Stops Spawning Around Workshop

  • I have no clue if I could reproduce this. It just happened so suddenly and I'm not sure when it started, but I was around 4ish (real-life) days into my IC2 1.15 game when animals simply refused to spawn in/near the chunk where I keep all my machines. Batboxes, copper and Glass cables, MFE, generators, all the usual stuff you expect. The problem is I also have Portal Gun, BC 2.2.0, and a few other minor mods installed. I'm gonna try again and replicate this error with a bare minimum IC2 1.15, but whatever happened, I think the chunk(s) that held all my machines somehow corrupted?

    Edit: I have started a new game with the same set of mods. Animals spawn normally on a fresh map. They also spawn normally on the same (corrupted) map if I travel far away from my workshop. Hostile mobs spawn normally everywhere though.

  • How mobs spawn is changed in minecraft beta 1.8.1: new spawn system.

    Well, that looks alright. But if I stand on top of my tower and look around, the land is completely bare of animals. Nothing. When I first started out though animals would spawn all the time and gather all over the place. And it's been like that for a fair bit until suddenly it was just suddenly bare. If I travel far away animals start spawning, then when I travel back, still bare. It just doesn't seem normal for me, and it seemed to only started happening when I got my tech tree of IC2 machines going.

  • Basic explanation: You started before 1.8.1. Animals (de)spawned according to the old system. Thus upon loading your world with 1.8.1 there were no animals to be reloaded. = bare land with the rare spawn of new animals. ^^

  • Ah. So if you live in an area for a while animals will stop spawning around where you live. With far distance even I can't see a single one around the workshop. Figured it had to do with one of those chunk unloading/load errors people are experiencing. I guess you can close this thread now. c.c

    (Also, when I said 'before', I mean within the same 1.8.1, IC2 1.15 map save. I started this map from scratch and even as I was building my workshop animals were plentiful. Just wanted to elaborate.)

  • The animals will not despawn, its more likely they were killed off.
    Animals no longer spawn or despawn.. just breed... oh wait he forgot to add that function in 1.8 >.>