Fully automated scrapbox factory

  • I made a fully automated scrapbox factory with the help of Buildcraft. Without Buildcraft you would need to manually feed the cobble into recyclers and craft the boxes yourself, still quite cool, if you only need to feed 5 EU/s in and get tons of scrap out.
    The automated cobble factory is inspired by this wiki article.


    The Cobble generator itself:

    The whole thing is shut down if the ore block is accidently mined, this will prevent the ore block from being processed to scrap, also it will turn on a warning light so you know you need to replace the ore block. The miner can use normal pipes or diamond pipes, the latter will produce cobble faster than Buildcraft can transport, so the chest will fill up slowly. The power to the miner is switched off, if the ore block is mined, while this won't stop the miner alone it can't go deeper, because there is water under the maximum depth of the mining pipes.

    I already managed to build a generator that can detect if there is a cobble block or not, but I didn't manage to shut down the miner in time if there is none, so sometimes after you load the map it will mine the ore block and stop after that. Only thing to do is to replace the ore block again and it will start. Also the clock I am using for compactness won't survive a map load, most likely.

  • This is awesome. With it we could have infinite apples, golden helmets, iron ore, and all of those other random things!

    "Mine like you don't need the diamonds, build like you have never been griefed, and dance like you are taking a crap"

  • Did you ever attempt to make this with the buildcraft mining systems? That would remove the whole target-ore mechanism, may make it more reliable...

  • Nope, I don't like buildcraft's way of doing that. I only use the pipes and crafting tables. Also it works kinda nice. I am going to build that on my IC-SMP server soon, so I can test how it works in Multiplayer, also those who want to see it then can check it out easily. Maybe I come around to do that today evening.

  • hey, i build something similar. My attemp is it, that noboody ever need to handle the maschine, but it should be dynamic too. this is the 3rd system, i build and im still not happy with it, but i think, i can show that.

    many thx to moeren86. he build the Cacti farm and that is no funny work.

    edit: i forgot to say, that its cacti powered, but i think, you can read this out my other words :) end edit

    To the machine:
    all is overflow safe. The first target of the cacti is the generator. There are 6 large chest, which can store 8000000 EU in the form of cacti. On overflow, they will distribute the scrap factory and then to a block of lava to destroy it. Of course, you dont have to wait for overflow, to supply the scrap factory. to run the system at 100%, there are 2 filler in the cobblestone fatory. The generator itself has a storage of 300000EU, which can emit 256EU/frame. the 8 million eu cacti storage can be transform to real EU with 3 generators. there are 3 free outputs to use this energie with other machines. oh, and the scrap factory is able to power itself and the cobblestone factory doesnt need energy.

    To discribe the capability: 3 or 4 people can eat from the system in automatic mode. But this depends on their skill to prevent damage ;). Running the Cobblestone factory (its automated too, but needs so much cpu that i only run the system full, when nobody is in the near) the system will output 2-3 scrap boxes per minute.

  • Is anyone of you able to explain how this scrap machine actually mines the generated cobble?

    I can explain the whole system!
    It works by exploiting the behavior of the miner:
    What the miner does is it is above a cobble generator next to a ore block. The miner sees the ore block and mines through the cobble to get to the ore. the cobble is put in a chest. the water and lava make a new cobble block before the ore block can be mined so the miner mines that cobble again. he has it set up so if the miner accidentally mines the ore the whole system is shut down.
    meanwhile the cobble goes into a nearby chest, then goes through buildcraft pipes to a recycler. the scrap comes out into an automatic crafting table, making scrap boxes.
    with the new system you could even wire it to a dispenser to automatically turn the scrapboxes into items, then suck them up with an obsidian pipe!
    Ingenious system BTW. how do you turn the system off if the ore block is mined?

  • Well this is for IC1, I build the same in IC2 already, works the same way.
    Basically you don't need to turn the miner off, put a water block under the mining pipe and it won't go deeper. In IC1 I shutdown the miner via a switch cable.

  • Nice job :D I have mine coming from my quarry and recycling cobble, turning them into scrap, turning them into scrab boxes, and throwing them into a chest :)