Mk5-CASUC 640 eu/tick 4.27 eff with redpower 2 pre3b (Outdated does not work properly on 1.0)

  • AkhkharuXul : yes. Mine can do that configuration, as well as simply fuel rods covering all but the top row.

    This configuration is an example :…UXUIUIUXUIUIUXXXXXXXXXXXX

    So I can also do lesser cases like the one you showed. Note that the breeding configuration you showed gives less than half the power of just filling the reactor with uranium. And with enough massfabs that have an uninterrupted feed of scrap, you can massfab fresh uranium directly with 37.5% of the energy the reactor produces.

    The difference between mine and rick are :

    1. I use 2 filters to pull empty buckets out, increasing the rate I can pump full buckets in.
    2. I use a timer instead of a sequencer for control of key steps because a timer is much faster.
    3. I use 4 deployers for filling buckets instead of just 1 (to be certain that the bottleneck is elsewhere)
    4. I recirculate filled buckets that pop out the top of the reactor directly back in.

    This makes my reactor larger and more complex than Rick's. But my peak power is higher (640 EU/tick) and efficiency slightly better (4.27)

  • .... 4 deployers? :P idk maybe I'm confused, or how many reactors are you running with it? then again 2 to pull out?
    Max speed on a timer is 0.2 seconds, so 5 per second, seems like that'd be enough for anything...

    ... or have their been explosions in the past? :)

  • Water blocks take time to regenerate, but yeah I am thinking that I could possibly shrink it.

    Yes, I have had a few past near explosions:P

    I just hit the scram switch really quick when I start taking damage. You actually have like 15 to 30 seconds to do that before it actually explodes, even with the worse case scenario of the reactor fully filled with cells.

    Also, I don't think that water blocks regenerate in 0.2 seconds. So the deployers won't work that fast.

  • Guess it depends on how you lay out your water blocks, I tested the deployer first to see what kinda buckets it could produce. Hooked it up to a max-speed timer and let it go to town [so it seemed like it was working perfectly, I didn't see any added gaps in the bucket trail through the tubes], (it seems like it's able to pull water blocks from 2 away (maybe more, 2 was the most I saw before the first block would regen) so I'm pretty sure it can handle it.

  • Rick, why do you think the tripwires would be destroyed when the reactor starts to overheat? As far as I know, only specific blocks gets destroyed when a reactor is near exploding.

    That based on luck i just increased the chance it will shutdown itself by having more 'protected' blocks. Its nowhere near failsafe yet but better than nothing. And it will shutdown if you turn the cooling off which i think is a pretty neat feature.

    Next thing i want to do is to check if the cooling system is actualy pumping the buckets in the reactor and if the empty buckets are coming out but i got no idea yet how i will do this. If it works correctly only way to overheat the reactor is to put too much uranium in it but i need to find a way to detect the buckets in the pneumatic pipes.

    My deployer has 2x3 water in front of it. Its connected to a 0.4 timer (any faster and they wont do anything) so 2.5 buckets per second from just 1 deployer.

    In order to make it faster i would have to remove a chamber so i can ad another filter to get the empty buckets out but that would mean it also explodes faster and you get only 50 extra eu out of it. Through when a update makes it possible to use the chambers instead of the reactor itself i will make a system that produces like 1k eu/tick.

  • When i figure out how to make this thing almost failsafe i will for now you just gotta read this topic and look at the screenshots :). Iam afraid i will have to use buildcraft pipes (for a detector pipe) to detect the buckets but i dont want to use buildcraft too much because its so bugged atm. If anyone knows a way to detect the buckets in the pipes with using only redpower 2 and IC2 i will be happy. Maybe next update of repower will include sensors.

  • After reading this post I tried to make one myself, got one going at 625eu/t. I'm using redpower/buildcraft tubing for maximum bucket efficiency. It's running for a while now without fail, pretty cool tbh.

    Some screenshots:

    Edit: On a quick sidenote if you want to stop and restart the reactor you're going to have to build up to the maximum amount of uranium cells you see in the screenshot else it'll go super critical really fast.

  • After reading this post I tried to make one myself, got one going at 625eu/t. I'm using redpower/buildcraft tubing for maximum bucket efficiency. It's running for a while now without fail, pretty cool tbh.

    Some screenshots:

    Edit: On a quick sidenote if you want to stop and restart the reactor you're going to have to build up to the maximum amount of uranium cells you see in the screenshot else it'll go super critical really fast.

    I can't really tell what's going on with your overflow loop (unless that's just the feed tube) cos you're underwater - and the spam. But I made mine using redpower tubes. Works like a charm, Reactor chucks out 3-5 buckets of water per second (or at least I assume it spits them out when the reactor pulses). Though I'm only running @ 650 heat/tick right now, figured it'd be safer to test the system that way before I turn it up to the max.

    1 thing I did note, sometimes my filter that pulls the empties from the reactor grabs a filled bucket instead... anyone else have this issue? [I've seen as many as 3 in a row, but it's usually just 1 occasionally]

    The first time I saw one come out, I got worried that it was going to cause my deployer to freak out and break the system.

    Ed: Rick, how does it bug out when you log in? I haven't seen that happen yet. Though I might not see it, it could just go BOOM! :) I'd like to think I'd have some time though.

    Edit - Update: So, I got tired of baby-sitting the reactor. Everything was running flawlessly [had to have been for over 1/2 of a cycle]. I said to myself "the only way there could be a problem is weird chunk unloading/reloading issues [because of the whole "logging in" issue-whatever that is]" ... So I take a 5 minute stroll, come back and my house is missing.... Everything gone... I was able to salvage about 1/2 the stuff (if that) before it despawned. I knew the explosion would be big but I didn't expect it to be that MASSIVE! [You think I would have heard the boom] --- Anyway, that was fun...

    Recommendations: Do not use this system, unless you're planning to stay in the general area of your reactor [or shut it down before leaving the zone].

    --- Minor issue: Reactor sound still playing even after reactor got replaced by a giant crater.

  • It happened at me when i logged in i think it has to do with chunks loading and sometimes it will jam the system (i saw that the empty buckets where not taken out). Thats why iam trying to make it shutdown when overheated and hopefully in next update of redpower there will be a way to detect items going through pipes. That would make sure the reactor cannot run if the cooling system is bugged.

    Also mine had a good containment chamber (4 blocks thick reinforcedstone + some water) so when mine exploded it sucked but it didnt destroyed more than the reactor itself and some reinforced stone. Even the cooling system was mostly instact (input and output pipes where gone ofc) :)

    I think i will make a new version with better safety (like my tripwire topic) only have to find a way to squeze everything in it getting a little bit full in the reactor.

    To sumarise this CASUC reactor:
    Little bit more risk but it has so much better reward (>100 mil eu from 1 cycle). Reduce the risk by using tons of reinforcedstone and using some redstone circuits :).

  • Good work here, you are the pioneer of RP2 powered CASUC reactors keep it up!
    I am sorry for the negative post I wrote in another thread, no hate meant ;)

  • Sadly, with the current version of redpower 2, this design is useless in SMP. Even hosted locally on a 8 GB ram, 4 GHZ quad core machine and just 1 player in the server, it starts to run like shit when I turn on the reactor.

  • It runs fine on my server maybe you do something wrong that causes alot of lag?

    Also i made a new CASUC reactor with better tripwires and i tested it with this:…UXXUUUUXXUUUUXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Reactor was shutdown succesfully 3 of 8 times which is pretty good considering the extreme amount of uranium in it. With less uranium the chance it will shutdown should dramaticaly increase.

  • Zeldo's Additional Pipes has the Advanced Wooden Pipe which will take out only the item that you have in the filter. Chuck an empty bucket in the filter and that will be only item that gets pulled out.

    His mod also has the Advanced Insertion Pipe which will instantly insert the item if there is a space available otherwise it will keep going.

    Also contains the teleport pipes. This would allow you to teleport your buckets in rather than keeping the setup near the reactor = more space.

    I think in the latest one there is also a redstone pipe that sends out a redstone signal when an item passes through it.…onalpipes/page__hl__zeldo

    Give it a look, although the latest release is for BC 2.2.3 while the latest Buildcraft is at 2.2.4. Zeldo updates like a madman though so it won't be long.

  • Filters do exactly what those advanced wooden pipes do and they can function as a obsidian pipe. I tried using zeldos pipes but it crashes minecraft all the time so no buildcraft pipes till that gets fixed.

    I don't crash with them, not even on my SMP server (There is a new buildcraft version out: v2.2.4)

  • Damn its hard to make a system thats fast enough to turn this reactor off before meltdown. I used tripwires all around the reactor (also the top and bottom) with wool so they burn fast but still it explodes 3 out of 8 times. While its better than my previous one i wont be happy until it turns off 7/8 times. Another thing to note the reactor is getting kinda big with all the redstone circuits in it.

    Also tried to use a system based on evaporating water but its not fast enough :(. Reactor still explodes most of the time

  • When i make a less risky one i will. Current reactor sometimes explodes when you login. Still dont know exactly what causes this but it have be caused by the way minecraft loads the world. I dont know a solution to that but i can make the reactor shutdown when it overheats problem is once cooling system is off it will happen in a matter of seconds so it has to be really fast.