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    Has the IC2 energy-network bug been fixed yet or not? That's the one where the EUs stop flowing and everything breaks if the chunk gets unloaded without restarting the server.

    I don't see a bunch of complaining in the recent posts, was the bug fixed or is everyone using Michael Jacksons to power their machinery?

    It's actually a really great idea from Slowpoke. There are a few mods that don't fit with Greg's 'vision' of Minecraft. This includes DartCraft, Twilight Forest and Tinkers' Construct. I hate to think it, but maybe Thaumcraft and MystCraft fit too. I have to admit though, MystCraft is GREAT for a lag-free base or power production area to chunkload.
    As I understand, Greg has a base in the TF because of overworld lag.

    Kane Heart claims that it doesn't matter, that if any dimension is lagging it slows down all the dimensions. I haven't tested this throughly, but I think he's right.

    I have to second the request for a hardcore computercraft recipe set. Here's why : as it is, there's absolutely no reason to think that redpower computers will be updated to the latest version. Sure, it's possible, but unlikely. Thus, without computercraft, there is no way to automate a complex set of interactive steps without requiring walls of laggy circuitry.

    It wouldn't even be that hard...Gregtech already has monitors, data orbs, various extremely advanced circuits, and so on.

    Maybe it can crash servers, but so can Redpower. (admittedly, not the computers, but there's several server crashing bugs involving frames)

    New Upgrade component for machines : "energy throttler".

    This reduces energy consumption by a factor of 4...and slows the machine down by a factor of 2.5.

    Example : Apply an overclocker to a machine. 4x more energy consumption, 2x more speed. You notice the machine is consuming too much power. So you put an energy throttler on the machine. Now it runs at 80% of the speed it originally ran at before you voided the warranty on the machine, and it has the same power consumption.

    You apply an overclocker again when you have more power. 4x more energy consumption, 1.6 times more speed. But then someone in your base wires a gregtech machine to high voltage, and blows some generators. So you apply another throttler. Now the machine runs at 64% of the original speed when new. Maybe it's time to sell the machine to other players....

    I tried to run a multiplayer server that had several large force fields throughout the map. The entire server would freeze when loading a field. The algorithm seemed to scale very poorly with the total number of fields server_wide. That is, if there was just 1 medium sized field, the server ran ok. 2 or 3, little hitches when loading the areas with the field. By the time there were 5 total fields, including 3 large ones, performance was abysmal - 10 second server freeze when loading a field, including severe networking consequences.

    By the way, the actual server hardware is the best money can buy. 2600k overclocked to 4.6 ghz, 7 gigs of ram allocated to this particular server, gigabit upstream, etc. Normally, tick times were about 3-7 milliseconds per tick unless someone tried to load chunks that had a force field.

    I'm uncertain if the freeze was of the thread handling networking or the main thread, but I can provide you the files if you need them.

    Fact is, it's not your code, and it may be too difficult to fix code you didn't write. I've been hoping the rewrite for version 3 fixes this issue. However, Calclavia does not have a track record of a developer who creates polished finished products.

    I don't know if this is a good thing, but Eloraam finally posted to her twitter feed after 2 months of silence. Apparently, she is trying to make her mountain of code compile in 1.51. Now, if we wanna have her oregen in our game, we gotta wait another month+ to update to 1.51. (am guessing a month+ because she's got a lot of bugs to fix and probably will add new features instead of releasing a working version)

    Greg : Using the "overpowered" design I cooked up with (the 6 chamber plutonium/thorium reactor that gave 420 EU/tick) it was barely worth building compared to other power sources because it costs about 1000 copper per reactor. I second the request : the real cost of copper is NOT the copper in the quad cells, it's the copper in the damn reactor components! Every other component in a reactor needs a dense copper plate for something.

    Here's what I propose (and this even makes sense)...make a "dense reactor composite" that is ore dictionary equivalent to a dense copper plate that consists of 2 copper plates (the ones made in a bender) and 7 lead plates. So it costs slightly more metal to make (9 ingots instead of 8 ) but it would cost mostly lead and a lot less copper.

    As it is right now, lead is a metal that is almost never needed, so it would be nice to have a use for it.

    While you're at it, there should be additonal uses for silver. In real life, silver is more conductive than copper and can be used in electrical wiring just fine. It's not usually done because of the cost. Perhaps add a circuit assembler recipe that can use silver instead of copper for the wiring?

    I will add two new Items, the Screwdriver and the Crowbar. Both are NOT doing what they do in other Mods (RP/RC). They are for my Cover System. Crowbars are for removing Covers, and Screwdrivers are applying very cheap basic Covers and special red colored Redstone-blocking-Only Covers. Railcrafts Crowbar (which you often find in Dungeons) will be made compatible to that System, Redpowers Screwdriver very likely not due to being Eloraams property. The two Tools are crafted like their counterparts, but with Refined Iron and blue color instead.

    Edit: And yes it has a 1000EU Buffer

    I will add two new Items, the Screwdriver and the Crowbar. Both are NOT doing what they do in other Mods (RP/RC). They are for my Cover System. Crowbars are for removing Covers, and Screwdrivers are applying very cheap basic Covers and special red colored Redstone-blocking-Only Covers. Railcrafts Crowbar (which you often find in Dungeons) will be made compatible to that System, Redpowers Screwdriver very likely not due to being Eloraams property. The two Tools are crafted like their counterparts, but with Refined Iron and blue color instead.

    Edit: And yes it has a 1000EU Buffer

    1. You can probably make your timer inherently detect lag. When you cause the redstone update, save the system time right before and on the next line, check it. Redstone is inline, so this should work. Your timer could be smart and actually take action of some sort if it's lagging the host computer or server.

    2. This isn't cool. Are you sure you MUST create your own unique tool and you have no other choice? This just adds to the absurd tool spam. Worse, it means newer players will be confused about what tool does what. Please don't add a "screwdriver" that doesn't do everything the rp2 screwdriver does. Call it something else.

    So, a redstone circuit block. Will this work like a crude FPGA, where you "configure" the gates on the redstone circuit block to implement an overall equation? Doesn't sound like it, but if it worked like an FPGA, you wouldn't need covers.

    This would let you create all of the gates from redpower in 1 device, by simply switching the configuration around on this block.

    So if that handles circuitry, and immibis has the microblocks taken care of, and AE handles moving items around...

    Computercraft handles computers in an overpowered way (basically it needs to be installed along with another mod to make the computers only craftable with phat stacks of resources)

    Extra Biomes adds more biomes that are better than volcanos and her rubber trees.

    Other mods handle the lighting...what else does this leave?

    2 things : signaling (her wires can go on any surface) and frames.

    I've been trying to get gregtech to write a warp engine for a while that would let you move a whole volume of blocks somewhere else in one "jump". (and would require fusion power, or a huge number of energy storage blocks, in order to run). It wouldn't directly replace frames, since it would be a lot more expensive and only useful for big stuff (if you wanted to move an entire base or once or have a mining "ship" that gets moved around the world). So if Eloraam ever does update redpower, frames would still have a use. But it means that if in a few weeks from now, it's time to update to 1.51, and Eloraam hasn't ported her mod, it wouldn't be a big deal anymore.

    And AlgorithmX2 has said he might write a similar mechanic to said warp drive. It wouldn't quite work this way, instead, you would be able to SAVE an actual 3d structure in the world to a disk (and when you do this, the structure is destroyed), and then go somewhere else and re-instantiate that structure. Sort of how a Star Trek teleporter works, except, you can keep the pattern buffer disk in a chest, you don't have to immediately re-instantiate the structure. You would not be able to copy the structure because of all the issues with duping this potentially creates.

    Either way this would add a LOT to the game. Fusion warp drives? You could have your base flying in the air, and have miners of some kind deploy below it. Do all the ore processing, etc, inside your base, and just beam somewhere else when you are done. Saving your base to drive? You could "de-materialize" your base whenever you are done playing for the night and hide it in a chest somewhere, safe from griefers.

    The fuel production uses 36 electolyzers, 144 centrifuges, ~30 aqueous accumulators (not sure how many are actually needed), 2 electric crafting tables(seems 1 was too slow), 2 liquid transposers, 184 export buses, 183 import buses, 52 of the ME cable, 1 drive, a bunch of glass cable, a few transformers, and some liquiducts and 1 chest (cell output from liquid transposers to chest, to import bus)

    edit: oh and 4 electric engines and some redstone energy conduit

    Relooking at my maths, I should need 26.35 electrolyzers to make the tritium, which indicates that I actually only need 33 total instead of 36, will disable 3 and go afk and see what happens.

    If you put a single overclocker into all electrolyzers and all centrifuges you'd cut the machines in half to 72 centrifuges and 18 electrolyzers, right? This would cost another 6k EU a tick, leaving you with a net of 52k or so? This means that for the fuel production units of one "efficient" fusion reactor you could be running TWO fusion reactors for more net power. In fact, double or even triple overclocking the centrifuges would really cut the reactor down to size. That means less lag from the AE system, less lag from all the machines, less space, less materials consumed, less setup time, and only slightly less power output.

    With the centrifuges double overclocked, you'd only need 36 of them, and 18 electrolyzers still. (electrolyzers draw too much power to double overclock). That's a _lot_ more reasonable and is comparable to the old fusion reactors in terms of machine spam. (since one fusion is providing about 60% more power, and the old setup you needed 20 centrifuges, 4 electrolyzers, an extractor or autocraft table, and a water source.

    I started playing with Applied Energistics about 2 weeks ago. From reading the wiki, it seems overpowered. But when you actually play the game with it, and experience tech minecraft without the tedium of having to craft anything more than once, or to search 500 separate chests for the junk you become a convert pretty darn quick.

    Sure, AE is "overpowered" in that it is leaps and bounds above any other pipe system, storage system, or autocraft system. It's so much better that those other systems are useless.

    But, having actually played with it, I'm not convinced this is a bad thing. Having to search many chests to find my junk, or a place to put my junk, is something you end up doing about half the time when you play tech minecraft normally. Big autosorting systems help, but you cannot build them in the early game. And then manually having to craft things for many weeks until you get a massive autofactory built is the same problem. My AE system can now do 600 recipes, and I've only played with it for about a week. That would require an office building sized autofactory. And it's a much more stable mod than logistics pipes, and I suspect causes much less lag.

    Greg : you should start using AE in your own multiplayer game. All that crap we had to build for a recursive autocrafting factory? Forget it. AE's drastically better.

    You should balance Gregtech based on the assumption that people have AE. Just like you assume people have railcraft, thermal expansion, etc (because they almost always do)

    While you're adding new machines : how about a wire making machine?

    When given copper ingots, it makes bare copper wire at a better ratio than before

    When set to "ultrafine" mode in the GUI, it makes the copper wire suitable for redpower 2 motors....

    You know, since a certain autocraft table cannot make diamond panels or iron strips...

    Bug Report :
    Force Field Filter is broken. Instead of causing the Tesla coil to target all entities inside of the force field, it causes it to target all entities if the field is turned on, and nothing if the field is turned off. The ~ token inverts this behavior.

    Please test it on your end, and if somehow I'm wrong, upload a screenshot of a working configuration. I've been messing with it for about an hour, and it does this even in the simplest possible case (force field filter pointed at an industrial tesla coil)

    Even in this simplest case, the tesla just attacks the nearest entity if the field is turned on. It does not care if the entity is inside or outside of the field, it attacks both.