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    I seem to recall the mining laser ignoring glass (and striking the block behind it), but I can't recall if that's a memory of IC2 or IC1. Being stopped by glass doesn't seem right, though. Diffused maybe, refracted, reflected even, but not stopped.

    You are right, it used to pass through glass. I remember now back in IC1 starting forest fire several times when I would forget this while using the laser during building remodeling. I think since IC2 I have ony built a couple lasers to play with the different modes.


    Finally, I'm wondering if you realize how whiny you sound. Here you are, just one more person who uses IC2, but the devs should bow and scrape to your every whim? If you want insults, you should look in the mirror -- your posts suggest someone who actively and happily sabotages himself and then looks to the outside world for reasons why everything is going wrong. "How do they not see my genius?" you ask yourself. Well, I hate to break it to you, but you're hiding it behind bad grammar, lazy spelling and typing in general, and a whiny attitude of maximum entitlement. And I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming you have some genius in the first place.

    I want an upvote button for you sir!

    Really? You must be new to MC and mods in general for any game that doesn't have built in mod support.

    I have no idea what you are even bitching about as there is nothing special in 1.2.5 that wasn't in 1.2.4.

    I have been using IC as one of my primary mods for what over a year now in both SSP and SMP, and when IC upgrades I upgrade MC not the other way around. The same goes for the people on both of my servers.

    I am curious, as I haven't run my reactor on the server since updating to 181 a few weeks ago.

    Are you both running your red stone to a chamber or the reactor gen itself?

    I never had an issue with unloaded chunks on any of the three reactors in our main city (one of which is a stack of 16 Mark2s), but since I built them before the change to allowing redstone to a chamber I don't know how mine would react.

    What Zudguard says is true, as well as Cobble can be macenated into sand, always has been even back in v1.

    My processing center recycles 2/3s of all inbound cobble the rest is then split between smoothstone and glass.

    I agree with Ook.

    I installed and ran EE on our server. Within less than 2 real days, maybe 12 hours playing I alone had stacks and stacks of diamonds and other resources made mining after a few hours complete useless. We then changed the config and removed energy collectors, and it was much less of an issue of feeling like you are cheating. However, once we upgraded to 1.2.3, we dropped the EE anyway, just too many issues on SMP with the mod.

    I use canned food exclusively, the main benefit as someone has already said is that it allows you to combine all the food types in to one inventory slot (plus one after you empty a can). Yes, it still heals you as well as satisfying hunger. Also the canning process "purifies" foods like zombie flesh /spider eyes, as to remove the poison effect. Plus in conjunction with the quantum helmet you only need to fill one hunger bubble anyway.

    And nice to know about the the saturation levels as well.

    Right now on my SMP server one would find a very good mix of power sources. This server uses IC2, BC, RP, Forestry, Railcraft, and Additional pipes.

    Lava is my primary fuel source for both my BC and Forestry engines. Biofuel (Forestry) going straight to to bio-engines to convert it to EU, BC Fuel used to power any quarries or fillers using combustion engines and teleport pipes.

    Geo= My go to for new starts, but also supplemental power right up until Nuclear. I generally strip must maps clean of lava around my main bases for many many chunks.

    Wind= If my base is near 100 I'll build a respectable farm, I like the high constant yield and the chance of these to "burning out"

    Water= used in many situations to even include main power for smaller satellite bases.

    Solar= vary rarely used, since I only sleep once to set bind and generally play on SMP, they are just too useless for my taste.

    BioFuel (IC fuel cans) = used in most most mid-tier bases as a power boost, depending on the output of my farms.

    Generators = never used at the start of a base, only used in conjunction with excess wood (as charcoal) from Forestry.

    Biofuel (Forestry) = my go to supplemental power through out the life of my main bases.

    Cross over mods= I find ALL of them besides Forestry to be way over powered. I won't even install them on my SMP server.

    Even back in IC1 I would use a mix of geo, solar, and wind. I never like to depend on any one source.

    Both of you: What OS are you running? ModLoader/ModLoaderMP should sort themselves but at least in the case of Linux MLMP stopped doing such again.
    There's an "interesting" workaround involving dd and creating a small fat32 filesystem if you've got root permissions (as one needs to mount said filesystem)

    It is Linux, what exact flavor I am not sure it is a server I rent on, so no root access. I will try changing the modify date and see if that helps.

    Edit: neither a prior or later modification date than the IC2 jar made any difference for this mod loading first. I haven't tried it yet, but shouldn't it work if I just drop it in the IC2 jar?

    Any other way besides the zip name to force the add-on to load after IC? Nothing I do seems to get to load last.

    well the only thing for me that 1.0 really brings is that my meat sources are not bloody broken. I can only live as a veggie for so long before hunting down every cow/pig I can.

    Also it is because BC has now also moved to 1.0, want to play with all the new stuffs in both BC and IC together.

    One thing people seem to miss is that the electrolyzer slows down the upper and lower 20% of your energy store on the MFE/MFSU. Sure it doesn't store all that much (only 864000), but if your system only caps out during the day or or only drops low at night this machine will help (if you depend heavily on solar).

    Don't think of it as extra storage but as a buffer, that requires very little room and zero wiring. I use a lot of these near my energy burst points, ie near reactors or my ore processing plant.

    agreed. many of the machines but mostly the generators have this issue, once you move about 16 blocks away from them their sound causes major issues. And top this off with the fact that if a machine is running when you unload the chuck, it'll get stuck running when you return even if it shouldn't be. I have even had machines i wrenched still make sounds this way.

    Hence, why I have removed most of the .ogg files from the .jar.

    True, but again, as I pointed out this is a single power generator system for me. Besides the one watermill/2 buckets/ bat box I carry when I go on really far expeditions. You also have to understand I have many power systems feeding in to my network, wind/water/nuclear/mechanical and even an automated cacti farm. I am even looking into the power coupler (submod), but so far for a no worry, hands off, infinite power system my bucket supplied water mill is best suited for a bedrock rail station hub.

    You dont get it watermills are so bad its better to make windgens on top of the world and run a line down to bedrock layer than to make a watermill at the bedrocklayer.

    So why are water mills so bad? If in a far more dense configuration and with far fewer resources I can make a static water mill farm at bedrock, why would I use windmills? Plus if you look at windmills at best you'll get 3eu, and then account for cable loss running from 120s to 5, you are below water mills running at 2eu.

    Long as you use BC an automated bucket filling and loading pipe system works very nice for static power, without any other sub-mods. At a constant 2eu each the water mill is nice in the deep mines. I have been using this system for ages now.

    I have a 24 mill 2 pump system that I use to charge the MSFU in my mining area. This allows me to recharge all my gear & tools when I need to unload resources. The lava I find gets converted to cells or pumped out via pipes for other uses.

    When I get home I'll get some shots here. As others have stated, each form of power has it's pros/cons. The simple fact that we can create infinite water and throw down water mills anywhere at any time makes them perfectly balanced the way they are. When I go looking for a new oil reserve I always carry a few mills and a batbox to get the new drill site started. I do this as many times while exploring I find cave systems or abandoned mines and need to recharge gear on the fly.

    My only complaint is how loud the noise is on them, to the point that I removed the .ogg for the mill.