Need 15 minute detonation Mark IV or V for adventure map design

  • HAYO,
    I'm in the midst of creating an IC2 'Adventure' map, pretty much you're stuck in a factory and need to escape, here's what I need that involves Nuclear Engineering :Reactor: :
    1. I need a powerful reactor not designed for energy or efficiency, but that will detonate in or very close to 15 minutes, NOT USING REDSTONE
    2. I need a Mark II (since it's not gonna be reloaded) design that I can have 3/4 of hidden just to create energy for the factory, centered on efficiency and not output eu/tick
    I'm using IC2 1.15 right now (gonna upgrade in a while) and that's it, no buildcraft, redpower, Equivalent Exchange
    As reward, Coal Cells? :Coal Cell: :Coal Cell: :Coal Cell: :Coal Cell: :Coal Cell: :Coal Cell: :Coal Cell: :Coal Cell: :Coal Cell: :Coal Cell: :
    P.S. Please don't bother me for a copy of the 'Adventure' map just yet, it's still an Extreme WIP

    Thain (Havasushaun)
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  • Here, this should probably blow up slightly after 15 min according to the generation time portion.


    It's designed to be a column reactor within a waterfall so that the surrounding blocks don't evaporate and rapidly shorten the lifetime.

    There are no fancy components to make things complicated or make the simulator lie to you about when to stop running it.

  • If you want precise timing: this design will blow up in exactly 15 mins, note the fact there's only only 18 empty (air) block around the reactor.

    You could make a reactor with no chambers and 8 plating inside, but you'd need a little water to get the 12 excess heat required for that design. You would have to place the water so it'd flow onto the reactor from outside the reactor's evaporisation range. It'd probably be easier to add one chamber and use air cooling ;)

  • As explosion radii is determined by the amount of uranium in the reactor, you may want this design: http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…w3=1k10101001501521s1r11r
    which according to the planner has a generation time of 15minutes 8 seconds
    (correct me I i am wrong)
    I am looking forward to trying out your timed adventure map :)

    Now THIS is EXACTLY what i'm looking for, thanks, and it still has a pretty sweet detonation force while still being at my time limit.

    Thain (Havasushaun)
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  • you can also change the power of the nuke in the config :)

    I would but from what I believe that wouldn't be so if I shared the map, which is the true point of a survival map, to see how other people do on it

    Thain (Havasushaun)
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  • This thread has made me pull myself away from Dungeon Defenders long enough to implement the 3 remaining tabs of the planner.. the "More Info" tab now shows the time until 'detonation' :P

    Well i'm glad I 'moved' you, see what I can do on only my third day on the forums, I'm definatly gonna be using your designer over the other easier to load one due to the massive amounts of details it provides, even cost, thanks. But do you have a bit deadlier 15min. one?

    Thain (Havasushaun)
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  • http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…=1k10101001501521s1r11r10

    This one will go BOOM!.. in exactly 15 mins.

    Note this one is full water cooled so remember to have the water sources pour onto the reactor from atleast 3 blocks higher than the reactor. That way, the reactor can't evaporate the water sources and speed up it's demise.

    Dear God that is alot of fuel cells... Thanks, you've been a big help

    Thain (Havasushaun)
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