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  • i have been sitting in front of my screen trying to find the best way to farm, sure i can get HUGE amounts of sugar cane, and soooooo much cactus the i could make the cactus wall of china. But there is NO fast way plant trees, rubber trees, and wheat.
    What i think is needed is a block that plants the seeds into the farm land while powered by EU and harvests them when powered by redstone.

    another useful thing would be a tree cutter, the chainsaw is all good but what about a miner type device for trees. how about a forest clearer that destroys trees and collects all plant products (why not include leaves) from a say 10x10 radius.

    please inform me if there is already a mod in place to do this as it would be EPIC or tell me if i am just dreaming.

    thanks in advance

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  • I'd also add that you can use a Buildcraft2 combo (with a small help from Redpower2): once you found the place where you want to put your forest-farm, place a BC2's Template Drawing Table (TDT), plant the trees, feed the TDT a blank template and take it once written, replace the TDT for a Builder, feed it the TDT, place a Quarry about 10 blocks high (for rubber trees, others might require less height). Then it's only a question of putting a layout of BC2 pipes to take the wood to your base and give the saplings to the builder. Oh, and RP2 helps because the Quarry cannot mine its cables, so you can put one in one of the corners and stop worrying about the quarry reaching the center of the earth ^^

    As for the sugar cane farm, you only need pistons (do not harvest the "base" of the sugar cane, so you won't need to replant anything) and a clock (RP2 has a nice one), and you can let it run by itself. The cactus farm, well, that doesn't need anything but blocks and patience.

    I made some videos about the farms: for sugar cane, cactus and a standard autoharvesting wheat farm. for a Quarry used as a Tree Farm gatherer.

    And I'll be updating a video about a fully automated wheat farm soon.

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  • OK that is one EPIC system you have there redpower2 then plus BC. i already use BC, never though it would work for this as well.

    Thanks, you have made me a happier farmer! :Chainsaw: :Compressed Plantball: :Compressed Plantball: :Compressed Plantball: :Compressed Plantball: :Compressed Plantball: :Compressed Plantball: :Compressed Plantball: :)

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    ... or maybe it is

  • I'm a fan of the forestry mod from SirSengir. Yea there is the factorycraft mod but that is hella overpowered. Combine this with the Redpower prerelease and you can pretty much farm anything.

    Link to forestry