Low on budget? Try this one

  • and it 's more compact and doesn't need a view of the sky.

    yes but since most people have no idea about it, risk of melt down and big bang party under your house isn't great at all.
    that why they ignore Nuke Reactor and go for massive Solar Panel (with massive load of damn lag)

    *is there anyway to prevent to Nuclear Explosion from damage landscape outside? how many layer of Reinforce Stone need for it to completely
    absorb all blast?
    people on my server keep using Solar Panel which sometime cause massive lag at morning and certain point so i want to make Nuclear Test field for them
    to run test on reactor and gain knowledge about it. i know there is Reactor Planer site but it would be better if i let them run test by themselves.

  • Rick's reactor will explode if not submerged in water. So, both reactors have environmental installation restrictions. One will survive in a 3x3x3 pit, the other in a 5x5x5 pit. Since the discussion at hand is all about efficiency on the cheap, I would think that someone truly concerned about efficiency would take the time to install a more efficient reactor into a slightly larger pit. Honestly, I don't think clearing a 5x5x5 hole is really that big a deal ... but who knows.

    EDIT: In the end I really believe both these reactors are really nothing more than academic curiosities. By the time someone in an IC2 game has the resources to build either of these reactors, they've in all likelihood already got an operational 32 EU/t or bigger solar flower installed, making the tiny nuclear reactor pointless. Personally, I've never found a use for Mk-I reactors of any size. Far easier to go straight from solar flowers to a Mk-V CASUC or a Mk-IV redstone timed pure IC2 reactor.

    1th mine is a mk1 yours is a mk2
    2th mine can be build pretty much anywhere provided you put a 3x3x3 cube of water around it
    3th my reactor was meant as a starting reactor for total nubs who dont know much about nuclear reactors thus this one is pretty much foolproof.
    4th you need 40 solars to match the output of this reactor thats alot more resources than this reactor will cost. To be precise:
    320 iron
    320 stone
    60 copper
    120 rubber
    160 tin
    80 redstone
    120 coal
    120 glass
    that should pretty much be the cost for 40 solars.