Elevator setup

  • So I'm trying to wire up an elevator for my new mountain lair but I am a complete redstone scrub so I downloaded the redpower pack to help. I've made the set up in the picture (in a separate test world just to make sure I could make it work before tearing up the mountain) and I just want to check to see that I'm not over complicating it or missing something crucial.

    The picture isn't very good but it's the best I could do. Thanks for any help.

  • Sorry man, you've come to the wrong place. Those small coloured wires and logic gates are all from RedPower or RedPower2, and I'm not sure where your elevator or motor is coming from.

    Industrial craft is just generating the electricity.

  • Very intresting device you got there, but it doesn't need IC part at all, replace geothermals with a single water wheal or wind mill. BTWmod doesnt have concept of power ammount, so you just gonna waste your energy. Lift are good, tho not perfect.