FizzleCraft [Europe 24/7 Dedicated][35 Slots][Whitelist][IC2, BuildCraft, RedPower and more]

  • Introduction

    I am starting up a new Industrial & Build Craft server and am looking for mature (Age 18+) and friendly builders to help get it going.

    The server is hosted in Europe and currently cable of handling 35 players. To start I will only be adding up to 20 players and seeing how it copes. If there is any latency the machines capacity can be upgraded very quickly.


    There are only a few rules when playing on this server. These are:

    1. No Griefing
    2. No Cheating
    3. No Abuse or Racism
    4. Ask before building next to someone

    If you break the rules you may be banned and/or have your buildings removed.


    The server is running the following mods. Please make sure you have all of these installed before trying to join:

    BuildCraft 2.2.4 - Downloads - Recipes
    IndustrialCraft 1.23 - Downloads - Recipes
    RedPower 2.0pr3b - Downloads - Recipes
    MineFactoryReloaded 1.3.0 - Downloads & Recipes
    NetherOres 1.0.3 - Downloads & Recipes
    PowerConverters 1.1 - Downloads & Recipes
    Advanced Machines 2.1 - Downloads & Recipes
    Additional Pipes Rev 29 - Downloads & Recipes


    If you are interested in joining please apply below in the following format:

    In Game Name:
    Why do you want to join:
    Pirates or Ninjas:

    Accepted Players

    If you are approved I will add your name to the servers whitelist and you will be added to the list below:

    Once you have been whitelisted you can connect to the server at:

  • IGN: Walmart_Employee
    Age: 19
    Why i want to join: I just wanna build super large factories =)
    Ninja's or Pirates: Ninja's all the way

    Btw is it possible to get TP pipes too?

  • IGN: fredriklangbo
    Age: 15
    Why i want to join: I would really like to join because i think this server looks awesome and there´s so many cool mods
    Ninja's or Pirates: Ninja´s FTW

  • In Game Name: W3rz4x
    Age: 25
    Why do you want to join: Play on a good "industrialized" server :P Also im from europe so expect less lag than in other servers
    Pirates or Ninjas: Always Ninjas XDDDD

  • IGN:bjowner
    age:15 BUT dont lemme fool of my age i am mature (surely not gonna get in but worth a try...)
    why i wanna join: i REALLY wanna get back into IC2 again and build some shit its weird but only thing that needed to get me going again was finding 15 diamonds in a day XD weird. i am mostly a enthusiastic gamer hope i can join i also wanna help people when i get all high-end in the machines.hope to see u there :thumbup:
    pirates or NINJAS!: NINJAAAAAAS!

  • In Game Name: pilot737
    Age: 16
    Why do you want to join: Well i would like to get back to playing minecraft with industrial craft, bulidcraft.ect + i think safirius is on this server and i would like to get back to the days of invention craft hehhehehhehe
    Pirates or Ninjas: pirateninja! :D

    Also, im young but i would like a chance on your server.