[Addon v1.112]AdvGenerators²v3.3.0-New Toys!!!

  • No rush! I appreciate your time spent.

    I have thus far been very impressed with your work; I'll say it again, I absolutely adore the concepts here.

  • Holy Dragonlord, that was fast.

    I thought to myself, "Hmm, I'll just register so that I can complete my metamorphosis from Lurkipillar to a beautiful Forumfly as I wait for Fallen to check into that". NOPE.

    EDIT: Works flawlessly. Thank you.

  • Okay, you're going to hate me, but I found another bug.

    The Slow Grinder throws the following NPE if it runs out of power during an operation.

    At first I thought it might be related to IC#106's eNet issues, but I also tested with the open beta (which supposedly fixes said eNet issues) and received the same error.

    Also, I'm not sure whether this is at all related, but the machines seem to be voltage-safe. For example, the Slow Grinder will only perform work if it is fed Low Voltage, but doesn't explode or throw any other kind of tantrum when it is fed higher voltages; it simply does not accept them. Perhaps this is actually a feature in disguise! Thank you in advance for your time and effort.

    EDIT: Throwing in a couple other observations here - The Slag Generator doesn't appear to accept Coal, Charcoal, or IC2 Fuel. Is that intentional? Also, on the GUI for the Electric Wood Gassificator, the input slot for Tincells overlaps with the title. If you didn't hate me before, I'm sure you do now :P

  • MatLaPatate
    don't worry, I never get bored of users, just that it's not going to be made for a bit so I'm not going to commit yet
    error 1: I get that error from time to time too, but it's not in my code, it's something with the ic2 api, so go bug al :P
    error 2: that's not intentional :P , enable debug in the core cfg and give me the contents of the output file (debug.txt in .minecraft folder)
    error 3: fixing it now
    error 4: ik I ran out of room :S:P

  • Yeah, I figured that first one must be something in IC2's API. Here's hopin' they fix that for the next release.

    Okay, so I tested the SlowGrinder with each voltage: Low, Medium, High, and Extreme. Low and Medium worked just fine, the machine drew power and completed operations normally. Upon attempting to use the machine at High or Extreme Voltage, instead of the machine, the debugger exploded.

    I think I may have a solution for your GUI space issues. Perhaps a dual-input slot and a dual-output slot, like so?

  • like this:

    itemwoodgascell implements a ICapsuleCellContainer that "doesn't" exist,
    but it doesn't cause problems since it won't be loaded at runtime, since it is never used

  • Ahh you create another Item if the implementing one gets NoClassDefFoundError-ed. Nice Idea but doesnt work that well with TileEntites (much effort), which have to implement IEnergyTile and such things

  • No, thank you. :)

    BTW feel free to just use that GUI sprite I provided. I just whipped it up using your mod's resources, so it really is yours anyways :P

  • Kris
    thanks ^^
    ok I got the bug fixed, just got to update thread and download
    and I slightly changed your gui sprite, since your layout might confuse n00bies
    something like this would probably happen:
    "n00bie68334: do the cells need to be in while it's cooking?"
    "me: nope"
    and so on :P

  • Quote

    "n00bie68334: do the cells need to be in while it's cooking?"
    "me: nope"

    I can only imagine... Do whatever you think is best to stem the unending tide of noobishness

    Anyways, it is an honor to be of service! Keep being awesome!

  • kk it's out, btw don't forget to update your core, I noticed one of the advgen versions had 8 downloads, but it's prerequisite core version had 0 :P

  • I'm really liking this mod, but I have just one question - what side do I use to pump stuff into the grinder via Buildcraft pipes? I couldn't seem to find it, I can put items directly into the main slot if I put them in the bottom but I can't seem to fill up it's backlog supply. I really like the speed setting btw, it's really handy to match it roughly to a pipe's input rate so that things don't get clogged up.