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    dont run in fullscreen, this will allow you to read wiki and play at same time.

    I know that, but as I said in my main post it takes you out of the game. I know lots of people play games like Minecraft to get sucked in and it ruins the atmosphere if you have to alt-tab out and look at a wiki.

    Or basically...having to rely on external guides to know how to even use something is really poor. This is a huge problem with the original Minecraft so I'm not blaming IC2 of course.

    This is just a small idea I had a. The Nuclear reactor and Crop system have lots of depth to them but the problem is that it feels really jarring to have to alt-tab out of the game and look up on the wiki about how to start working on these things. How about having a ingame book (Not sure if it's possible using the writable book system that Mojang recently added) that details some of the more basic attributes of these systems that you can find in chests? I think that would be a really cool treasure to find. Think of it as a more literal version of TC2's artifact system; except you could actually read the long-lost book and follow it's instructions rather than having it just basically be a buff for a random number generator. I'm not talking about a full elaborate write-up, but perhaps a basic getting started guide that would help players build their first one? or getting a basic crop system set up?

    Not entirely sure how much of a bitch its going to be. Since you say "Throw" you must use a entity to make it move and sink, and you can't make entities to be moving lights. However theres the touch the ground condition... If there is a method to make a entity become a block when it touches another block it may be not so evil to do...

    Yeah, I did say that I wasn't thinking of a moving light since I know they're not really possible. That would be cool, but I doubt we'll ever see genuine dynamic lights in Minecraft.

    Before I start, I'm not asking for dynamic lights or anything since I know they're not really possible with the lighting engine (at least not without glitches) However just a simple item (maybe make the ingrediant a disposable battery + maybe a glass pane) that when you throw it, it spawns a light when it hits the ground. I was moving through the Ocean on a boat and thought even though I have the scuba mask which is really cool, there's no way to see what's on the seabed without either turning off fog or placing down pumpkins/glowstone (which are both lame ways to do it) Having a stackable item I could chuck overboard that would sink to the bottom and then light up would be really cool. You could make it die out after a while (although the recipe's more than a torch anyway so I doubt that's neccesary)

    I did a search for Flares and couldn't find anything so I don't know if this idea was already suggested and shot down or something (although I did see Greg talking about a Flaregun, which would also be pretty neat)

    Plus if you can get a Fortune enchantment than Ruby ores drop more than 1; I had nearly 2 stacks of Rubies by the time Ruby dust was added (And I really appreciate how you're adding uses to lots of stuff that normally piles up and takes up storage, I really like being efficient and re-using and salvaging as much as I can) Only issue is I'm playing alone and I don't think I'll ever get enough resources to get Fusion going, but oh well lol.

    Heh, I have another request - Metalurgy adds platinum ore to the game. I've just read that Iridium is actually part of the platinum family of metals, so maybe allow us to centrifuge 9 platinum ingots into iridium? (Platinum itself is rare in the mod) You've been adding a few inter-mod updates lately so I think that would be cool :)

    Thanks, making config files might be difficult but it's a good way to get people to play your mod (take a look at Greg tech for example, everything is configurable so even though I didn't like the UU-matter nerf I can disable that and enjoy the rest of the mod still) Anyways I just finally built my Osmium drill and it's really great, I love how fast it works :D

    I definitly don't think they should glow, it doesn't make any sense for titanium to glow. If you do re-add it, I would make it a config file option since it feels a bit OP to be able to see the ores glowing in the dark (and it only really makes sense for a fantasy metal or something to do that)

    use nothing instead, few versions ago placing painter into crafting grid worked well.

    Oh really? I didn't know this and the wiki page didn't say anything (I did check) I'll try it myself ingame, thanks.


    Why add something just to do one task?
    Use water instead.

    Fair point but more things to build are always nice and I didn't feel it would be a complicated thing to add. It would be better to just be able to right-click water indeed (Actually maybe this could be added instead - I wish you could of done this with RP2 stuff)

    This is just a small suggestion really, an item that you can use to remove excess paint from a painter (It's called white spirit in the UK, but I'm not sure what it's called in other parts of the world) I know that you can just craft more painters but it would just be neat to be able to not have to waste iron or wool crafting them if you're running low on iron/wool. You could also use it on CF foam to get it back to the default colour again (Again I know you could use whitepaint)

    Ahh, another completly useless Item. Netherwart (and Terrawart) are on my List.

    That's cool - how about Blaze powder as well? I've got a few stacks and I just realised apart from Railcraft high-speed rails (which I don't really need right now) I don't have much use for them either. Even without that good to hear you have plans about Nether wart.

    Just read about your plans to nerf RP gem spawning if Elo doesn't, glad to hear about that. As much as I love RP2 those gems were EVERYWHERE and considering it was diamond strength stuff (but with less durability) made things too easy especially since they had no other use unless you were using EE. I remember reading thast she was planning to use them for lasers though, but I'm hoping they're just less common.

    I believe that's an error with IC2's API and not this mod - if you can't load your world back up one solution is to change the block id in this mod's config file, load it back up, then change it back (although this will make you lose the machines but you can NEI them back in) In anycase I don't think it can be fixed until IC2 updates.

    Got a crash when I connected my thermal gen to the pipe:

    I did try and connect it to an existing pipe, I'll see if I get it if I place it first THAN attach a pipe. Sorry I keep finding these bugs! If you can't get it to work than don't worry about it, I'd say not being able to pump lava into it would be a fair tradeoff for the EU it generates from the environment anyway as well as improved efficiency from lava placed into it. That way it doesn't make the old one totally reduandant.

    EDIT: right clicking on it ingame gives me a message about containerThermalGeneratorBC classes missing, corrupted or outdated - is there a new BC version out? I don't really check around the Buildcraft forums much since the message board is so cramped so I don't know if there's a newer release than what I should be using on their website. I'm looking around now though since that message might because of Buildcraft...I know I'm using that 3.2.0 pre-relase they have on the website.

    heh, more Buildcraft woes...seems I can't pump lava into your thermal generator. I'm guessing that's not intentional, since it's a upgraded version of the Geothermal plant which can have lava pumped into it via BC pipes. I'm sorry about these issues I keep finding with BuildCraft - I'm playing a game with really low resources so it's more cost effective for me in the long run to pump the lava directly into the generators rather than using tin cells since I tweaked lots of resources to be much rarer so I would use things I never really looked at before. It's definitly a pain but it's also fun.