[Addon v1.112]AdvGenerators²v3.3.0-New Toys!!!

  • Wow that was fast, thanks for the quick fix :)

    EDIT: heh, just checked ingame and it does work but it doesn't stack - I was pumping cobblestone in and my pipes put 1 cobblestone in each slot and then chucked them out onto the floor again as before.

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  • Suggestion: High Temperature Generator:
    This, basically, is a sort of Thermal Generator but only using temperature from Adjacent block and High heat-outputing blocks only:
    As mainly feature, it would produce Energy from uncooled heat of Nuclear Reactor: It would be a external cooling for Nuclear Reactor, having to be placed on a side of the Reactor or a chamber, and would cool up to 5 Heat/t and would produce 3EU/Cooled Heat Unit. It would also have a special button to set the amount of Heat you want it to cool down, to be an efficient device for breeding.
    Of course, it could allow you to produce a lot of EU when breeding (because 1 Ura + 4 Depleted Isotope cells 60 Heat), but it would be an expensive device just for that purpose, because those 180EU would need 12 HT Gen, when you could use Green gen for Infinite EU generation. Also notice that even if you could put up to 18 of this generator on a single Reactor + 6 Chamber, you would also need cable and a "hole" for the Reactor Output (so max 17 in fact)

    Crafting Idea: Adv. Machine + Adv. Heat Exchanger + Geogen.

    Soon with Molten Salt Reactors, right ? :D

  • heh, more Buildcraft woes...seems I can't pump lava into your thermal generator. I'm guessing that's not intentional, since it's a upgraded version of the Geothermal plant which can have lava pumped into it via BC pipes. I'm sorry about these issues I keep finding with BuildCraft - I'm playing a game with really low resources so it's more cost effective for me in the long run to pump the lava directly into the generators rather than using tin cells since I tweaked lots of resources to be much rarer so I would use things I never really looked at before. It's definitly a pain but it's also fun.

  • I don't know if someone has already pointed this out, but in the newest version the textures are weird. Now I have to wait for an update to fix this ;(
    AND still no Redpower for MC 1.3.2 ;( ;( ;(

    How do I change the "Tree Cutter" to "Nuclear Maniac" under my username? :Uranium Cell: :Uranium Cell: :Uranium Cell: :Uranium Cell: :Uranium Cell: :Uranium Cell: :Uranium Cell: :Uranium Cell: Uranium

  • MatLaPatate : sounds a bit op and like nuclear control
    Jblade : hmm... not sure I know how to do that, I'll have to research
    @zippybug14: kk I'll fix that
    radiation975 : could you elaborate? and what do you mean about RP, seems to me this isn't the RP thread :P

  • I don't know if someone has already pointed this out, but in the newest version the textures are weird. Now I have to wait for an update to fix this ;(
    AND still no Redpower for MC 1.3.2 ;( ;( ;(

    I do belive that the last part may just be a small troll. Elloram is working on it, if you watch DW's season 3 server LP you can see that it is still buggy and i sugest you not hold out for a 1.3 release as 1.4 is comming out in 2 weeks (maybe). im actually waiting for 1.4 to make a solid atemt at releasing Shrine Runner as there are several mods that i plan to use that have not been released yet with some of thoes going to total rewrites.

  • And the latest version appears to have borked thermal generators. They can be crafted, but don't emit any EU, nor do their guis open.
    Oh the joys of modding...

  • Just a question:

    Does the thermal generator have to be surrounded in lava SOURCE blocks or flowing lava works just as well in production of EU passivly?

  • Got a crash when I connected my thermal gen to the pipe:

    I did try and connect it to an existing pipe, I'll see if I get it if I place it first THAN attach a pipe. Sorry I keep finding these bugs! If you can't get it to work than don't worry about it, I'd say not being able to pump lava into it would be a fair tradeoff for the EU it generates from the environment anyway as well as improved efficiency from lava placed into it. That way it doesn't make the old one totally reduandant.

    EDIT: right clicking on it ingame gives me a message about containerThermalGeneratorBC classes missing, corrupted or outdated - is there a new BC version out? I don't really check around the Buildcraft forums much since the message board is so cramped so I don't know if there's a newer release than what I should be using on their website. I'm looking around now though since that message might because of Buildcraft...I know I'm using that 3.2.0 pre-relase they have on the website.

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  • I mean that, for some reason, the textures are white blocks with black or gray dots. I could give a screenshot if I knew how.
    And about the RP2 thing, I was just really devastated about not having RP (I've been stalking the wiki for WEEKS now), and then this breaks. ;( It's just a really sad combo.
    NVM: I looked on the MC wiki and found out how to take screenshot
    Also, I had a screenshot of the texture of the block placed, but I couldn't upload it.
    I right clicked like crazy, but I couldn't open the GUI. What the heck is wrong?